Lash Extension Adhesive & Remover

What Is Lash Extension Adhesive?

Lash extension adhesive is the glue you dip your lash fans into prior to applying them to your client's natural lashes. The best lash extension glue for your client depends on your environment, such as your lash room's humidity and temperature, your own skill level and lashing speed, or your client's needs. We explain this further on our blog here, and we outline the different adhesives we offer here.  

How To Remove Lash Glue

It's important for every lash artist to have a good, high-quality lash glue remover so you can safely remove lash extensions without damaging the client's natural lashes. We love our Adhesive Cream Remover and show you how to use it here.  

Lash Extension Glue "Helpers"

At PLA, we offer a variety of products that could help with lash retention and lash extension glue aid. From lash primers to bonder and nano misters, we have everything you need to help lash extensions adhere better, or speed cure time. We explain these in further detail on our blog here.

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