Color ProMade Lashes

Color Lashes To Spice Up Your Lash Sets

All of our PLA ProMade Fans are 100% handmade, made from top quality Korean PBT. The final products are super soft, colorful lashes that are flexible and not stiff or plastic looking.

Colored lash extensions are a great way to give your clients an extra pop! Perfect for holidays, festivals, or just for fun!

Mix It Up With PLA Color Lash Extensions

To Use:

  • Grab loose fans and place onto tile or silicone pad.
  • Grab one fan at a time, dip in adhesive, and place.
  • Place on the bottom or to the side of the natural lash for optimal retention

Disclaimer: All PLA ProMade Fans are 100% handmade using the same lashes that are in our volume lash trays, created with our adhesive. Fans have minimum adhesive to ensure small bases. Fans may be unique due to being handmade.