Lash Liquids

Lash Liquids & Lash Serum From PLA  

Give Your Lashes A Boost With Our Lash Primer  

PLA doesn’t just have adhesives and removers for lash extensions – we have support for all your lashing needs. We even have the best lash growth serum for your non-extension customers, lash bonder and more.

What Does Lash Primer Do?

Lash primer (also called 'glue booster' or 'accelerator') is one of the ways you can prepare your clients’ lashes before their appointment. After you give your client a lash bath, putting primer on their lashes before applying extensions can help the extensions stick better when it comes around to it. It prepares the natural lash by providing the optimum pH required for the glue to grab without much effort. 

Primer is ideal for clients with oily skin, or where glue may not be grabbing the lash. It’s also an aid for techs in humid climates, as primer will speed cure time of adhesives.

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