PLA x American Lash Association


ALA is the community I wish I had when I was a beginner lash artist. Being self-taught at lashing with no business background, I struggled to navigate the lash world and running my salon. For the longest time, the lash industry was full of gate keeping, with limited resources. When I found the ALA and learned what ALA is about, I literally busted out loud, “finally, this is what the lash world desperately needs!”

ALA is all about building the community, providing resources, webinars, discounts, and support from multiple educators, and lash brands. ALA at its early stage has attracted many big brands and educators simply because we all see the need for it.

I’m honored to join the ALA council to continue to give back to the lash community that built us here at PLA. And I can’t wait for all the positive changes the ALA brings to our wonderful industry!"

— Michelle Nguyen


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The ALA frequently hosts educational and informative webinars from a wide range of professionals in the lashing world.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support services for all members through BetterHelp.

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