Classic & Volume Lash Extensions

All lash artists need an assortment of both classic lashes and volume lashes in their arsenal. Having high quality lash extensions ensures you're not only giving your clients the best products, but it impacts their retention, therefore retaining those clients, they come back for their fills and they might even refer you to new clients. Good lash extensions and lash supplies make a huge difference for your salon or business' success.

Classic Vs Volume Lashes

Classic lash extensions are used to create more natural looks, applying a single lash extension to a single natural lash. Some clients that are blessed with naturally full lashes may need more length instead of volume -- hence, where classic lashes might be the best choice.
Volume lash extensions on the other hand, are used to create dense, dark, full looks, without weighing your client's lashes down. Volume lashes are fans with multiple lash extensions to place on every healthy natural lash. This is done by creating a fan made of 3-8 lash extensions usually, and use adhesive to cure them to the existing natural lash.
One of the main differences between the two lies in thickness or weight. Lash extensions 0.07 and under is considered thin enough for safe volume lashes, but it all depends on the natural health of your client's lashes. 0.10 and up can be used for classic lashes.
A hybrid lash set mixes both classic and volume styles.
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