Choosing The Right Eyelash Adhesive

Eyelash extension adhesive is the glue you use to apply lash extensions to the natural lash. Lash extension adhesive is cyanoacrylate based. Here at Paris Lash Academy, your premier lash extensions supply, we carry four different types of adhesive, allowing you to pick the adhesive that best suits your environment, your skill, and your needs.

How to Choose Your Lash Adhesive

To choose the right adhesive for you, we recommend you ask yourself a few questions:

1. What is your humidity?

PLA adhesive works in a wide humidity range with different cure time. In lower 20-50% it will cure in 1 to 2 seconds, depending on which adhesive you use. And at 50-70% humidity, it will cure in 1 second or less depending on the glue and amount used. The most important thing to remember is the higher your humidity, the faster your adhesive will cure.

If your humidity is between 20%-50%, you can use any adhesives by PLA.

If your humidity is between 50%-70%, you can use Fusion, Onyx, or Pearl with caution on higher end.

If your humidity is above 70%, please invest in a dehumidifier for your lash room! Any adhesive will cure very quickly in this environment.

2. What is your temperature?

If your lash room is between 68-73° F, any PLA adhesives will work for you.

If your lash room is between 70-74° F, use caution with your adhesives.

3. Do you prefer clear or black?

Paris Lash Academy’s only clear adhesive is Halo. Onyx, Pearl, and PLA Fusion are all black adhesives and contain Carbon Black in their ingredient list.

4. Are you a fast or slower lash artist?

If you are a faster lash artist or more advanced, we recommend PLA Halo or PLA Pearl as it cures at a faster rate.

If you are a slower lash artist or just starting out, we recommend Onyx or PLA Fusion, as it cures slower.

5. Do you prefer thin or medium viscosity?

Our thin viscosity adhesives are Pearl and Onyx.

Our medium viscosity adhesives are Halo and Fusion. Keep in mind ProMade fans love a medium viscosity!

PLA Lash Extension Glue

Troubleshooting Your Adhesive

Having any problems with your adhesive? Here are a few questions we always ask lash artists that are experiencing issues with their adhesive:

Do you shake your glue properly?

Adhesive is generally composed of three ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, a thickening agent, and a stabilizer. A simple comparison we like to make is oil and vinegar. Oil floats because it is less dense than vinegar which means in order for it to be homogenous or a single dressing, it must be mixed vigorously! The same is true for many adhesives if the components vary in their density. If the glues are not well mixed the cyanoacrylate ratio in the bottle changes and will affect its performance. You MUST shake your glue for at least two minutes. Watch this video for a visual demonstration. 

Have you checked your Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a useful tool for every lash artist today. It provides useful information that will leverage

the adhesive’s optimal performance. Humidity plays a large role in adhesion and rate of cure whereas

temperature will affect the speed of cure. How to Use your Hygrometer:

  1. Locate the humidity reading. The higher the percentage the more moisture is in the air. The lower the percentage the lower amount of moisture in the air.
  2. Locate the temperature reading.
  3. Use these readings and check the optimum ranges for the adhesive you are using and adjust according:
  • If your humidity reading is below or near the recommended range add moisture to the air to increase the percentage.
  • If your humidity reading is above the recommended range of your adhesive, dehumidify with a dehumidifier or if you are having high temps and high humidity use air conditioning.
  • If your temperature is too high, use air conditioning.
  • If your temperature is too low, increase the room temperature.

How are you storing your adhesive?

Adhesive needs to be kept in room temperature, and away from UV light. We recommend storing opened adhesive in a cupboard or in an airtight adhesive container.

If you store your unopened bottles in the refrigerator, be sure to let it sit at room temperature for at least an hour before using it during an appointment. And never put opened adhesive into a fridge.

If you ever have questions about which adhesive is right for you, feel free to message us on our Instagram account

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