Color Lash Trays

Achieve Colorful Eye Lashes With PLA

All PLA Color Lash Trays are made from top quality Korean PBT, also known as Super Mink lashes. They are micro laser cut to make the lashes even lighter weight and are easy to fan right off the strip. Super mink lashes are very light weight.

Give Your Clients Lashes With Color To Make Their Eyes Pop

Colored lash extension trays are a great way to stock up before holidays, or just good to have in your tool kit for when your clients want to change their sets up! Compliment natural eye colors or make a statement with PLA’s Color ProMade Fans!

To Use:

  • Peel the strip off your lash tray, place onto your lash tile.
  • Create fans through pinch, wiggle or lonely method.
  • Place on the natural lash with extension adhesive.