Extra Long Tweezers

When it comes to making lash fans or applying them to your client, there are no better tools for the job than volume lash tweezers.

On top of all the eyelash extension supplies you’ll need as an eyelash artist or esthetician, a myriad of tweezer styles are going to be necessary as well. And, tweezers are one of the most essential in your arsenal.

It’s no secret that investing in your supplies and tools can get expensive. But the good news is, when you shop at Paris Lash Academy, you get the best products and service without spending an arm and a leg! We have worked to source our materials at a low cost, which allows us to charge $20 for all tweezers in our collection. 

And, as you’ll learn below, we also have the knowledge and experience to help you get started on the right foot or improve your tactics.

What Are Volume Lash Tweezers?

As the name implies, volume lash tweezers are used to create volume fans for hybrid, volume, and mega volume extensions. 

We offer a wide range of volume lash tweezers, from 15 degree, 45 degree to 90 degree fine tip tweezers. We also offer boot tweezers, slight curved, and curved.

All of our tweezers are hand filed and double tested, meaning they are tested one time at the manufacturer after being filed, and one time by our team in our warehouse.

It goes without saying you need these tweezers designed to reduce hand, wrist, and finger fatigue - while ensuring comfort.

That’s why you need to use the right tools for the job. Having a variety of eyelash extension tweezers is just as important as having a variety of faux mink eyelash extensions!

What Are The Different Styles Of Volume Lash Tweezers?

Our tweezers come in four different finish:

What To Consider When Buying Volume Tweezers For Eyelash Extensions

We commonly champion the phrase, “tweezers are very personal.” Meaning, a pair of tweezers may work for me, but they won’t work for you. As such, expect to go through some trial and error before you find that perfect pair. But here are some things to consider when shopping to decrease the chances you wind up with a pair you hate.

Length Matters More Than You Think

We briefly discussed that you’ll want to pay close attention to how ergonomic your tweezers are, because when using volume lash tweezers, you’ll be performing surgical work for extended periods of time!

You should consider tweezer length - your hand may be smaller than the next lash techs, and you’d want shorter tweezers that accommodate your hand size. Our extra long tweezers are ideal for those that struggle with small tweezers. Our regular tweezers are industry standard, 12 cm. While our extra long tweezers are14 cm long. XL Tweezers give you the opportunity to have a pair of tweezers that fits you and your needs. 

Consider Tweezer Durability & Longevity

You’re going to be putting a ton of wear and tear into these tweezers, and you want to get as much life out of your pair as possible before you have to find another.

So, consider how durable your volume lash tweezers are in terms of not just physical wear and tear - such as dropping, repeated use taking a toll on the tweezers, etc.

You also need to think about how disinfectant and adhesive will affect their use over time. As you’ll be dealing with all kinds of lash extension glue, you also need to be able to remove the adhesive without damaging the tips of the tweezers.

Why Buy Volume Lash Tweezers At Paris Lash Academy?

With so many choices out there, why do so many lash techs and estheticians continually do business with Paris Lash Academy?

The answer is simple - we’re the most reputable wholesale lash vendor in the industry. Our products were designed, created, and manufactured by our founder Michelle Nguyen - a world renowned lash artist. We hand test all our tweezers before they ever leave the warehouse to ensure they can pick up a 0.03 lashes. We also offer a hassle-free exchange program! If you do not like your tweezers for any reason, we will exchange them for you within ten days of purchase.

Michelle decided to start Paris Lash Academy to help artists just like her gain access to quality materials, because based on her experience, other lash suppliers just weren’t cutting it.

Give your clients the quality they deserve with our lash extension trays, and use the tools you need to get the job done comfortably and efficiently by shopping with us!