Lash Extensions FAQ

What are PLA lash extensions made of?

All PLA lashes are made from top-quality Korean PBT. This means they are soft, semi-matte, and very unlikely to cause problems for sensitive clients.

Where does Paris Lash Academy get their lashes from?

All PLA lashes are produced by PLA manufacturers in Vietnam. Michelle is proud to own multiple manufacturers in her home country of Vietnam, as they allow her to provide employment opportunities to hundreds of women who would otherwise work in harsh farming conditions.

Is Paris Lash Academy vegan?

Yes! All PLA lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Are lash extensions bad for your eyes or natural lashes?

When done correctly by a licensed professional, lash extensions should not do any damage to your eyes or lashes. Finding a reputable and knowledgeable lash artist that uses high-quality products is a must!

What kinds of lashes do you carry and how do I choose the best option?

We are proud to carry a wide range of lash extensions that cater to virtually every type of lashing imaginable! We carry both traditional lash trays and ProMade last extension fans. No matter if you’re searching for flat classic lashes or spikes for a wispy set, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re having trouble choosing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at for friendly and quick help!

What lash adhesive should I use?

The best lash adhesive will vary person to person, depending on their speed, temperature, humidity, and other factors. We have created a handy adhesive chart that you’ll find on each of our adhesive’s pages that ranks them in these categories — simply find which one is most similar to your environment!

How long do lash extensions last?

This will vary a little for each person. Lash extensions are applied to each natural lash, so they will fall out as the natural lashes shed. You will start seeing fallout usually about 2 weeks after a set, and that’s normally when you would come in for a fill. If not, the lashes will continue to fall out, and your set will likely be completely gone in about 6 weeks.

How do you remove lash extensions?

Lash removals are quick and easy, and should always be done by a professional. Salon-grade removers are gentle on the skin and lashes while efficiently breaking down the adhesive bonds, allowing the extensions to slip right off! We do not recommend attempting to remove extensions at home.

This is all new to me — how do I become a lash tech?

Becoming a lash tech looks slightly different in each state. You will usually have to complete some sort of formal education, whether it be getting your cosmetologist or esthetician license or pursuing a speciality lash extension license. For example, here in Nevada, you must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to perform lash extension services. Check in with your state board for the specific details.

Nail Product FAQ

Are PLA nail products vegan?

Yes! All PLA nail products are vegan and contain no animal products or by-products.

What is 10-free nail polish?

PLA nail polishes are 10-free, which means that they do not contain 10 of the most harmful chemicals or products that can be found in other polishes. Check out our blog about 10-free nail polish to learn more!

What’s the difference between your acrylic, gel, and lacquer polish products?

PLA 2 in 1 Acrylic and Dip Nail Powder is a professional-grade powder that is combined with liquid monomer to shape acrylic extensions and create intricate nail art. It cures in about 10-15 minutes after exposure to air and should only be used by nail professionals.

PLA Gel Nail Polish also contains acrylic monomers, but must be cured under a UV/LED light. We have 290 shades of gel polish, spanning the range of natural nudes to bright, vivid neons. While we still recommend getting gel polish done by a professional manicurist, you do not have to be trained to use it.

Read more about acrylic vs gel nails here!

PLA Oil Lacquer Nail Polish is our option for non-professionals who still want the PLA nail experience. With 290 colors that exactly match our gels, these lacquers are the best way for anyone, regardless of skill level, to experience the magic that is PLA Nails.


Where is PLA Wax made?

All of the wax in PLApro’s Nue Wax™ Line is manufactured in the United Kingdom. This allows us to ensure the quality of our wax and provide you with the best wax possible.

What is the difference between hard vs soft wax?

Hard wax is your best option for removing hair from the entire body. It adheres to the hair itself, rather than the skin, so you can go over the same area multiple times if necessary. Hard wax is stripless and can be removed with just your hands. Our hard wax is available in 1 lb. bags!

Soft wax is best used on larger areas like the arms and legs, rather than on smaller, intimate areas. It is a great option for removing fine hair. Soft wax must be removed with strips, as it stays slightly sticky even when dry. Our soft wax is available in 14 oz. cans!

Both our hard and soft waxes have a hot pink translucent finish, allowing you to see the hairs underneath. They are also unscented and contain no irritating fragrances.

What do your pre and post wax products do?

We have three specially designed products to help you complete a professional wax service.

Avant is our pre-wax cleanser. Just apply to the area that will be waxed, allow it to dry, and proceed with the service!

Après is a soothing balm that helps alleviate any discomfort or irritation directly after the waxing service. It should be rubbed into the freshly waxed area to refresh and relieve the skin.

Doux is our post-wax exfoliating cream. This is a great product to retail to your clients! It should be used a day or two after the waxing appointment. This exfoliant keeps the skin smooth and healthy by reducing the amount of ingrown hairs and getting rid of dead skin cells.

Education FAQ

What lash classes do you offer?

We are so excited to have both online and in-person lash courses!

Lash Foundations Unleashed - Online and In-Person
This is our comprehensive classic and volume course aimed at beginner lash artists or anyone wanting a little refresher. This course covers everything a beginning lash artist needs to know about lash theory, technique, and more, with a combination of education videos, quizzes, and case studies done on live models. Students will receive two official PLA certifications upon completion.

Mega Magic - In-Person
This 2-day in-person certification course is perfect for intermediate or advanced lash artists looking for guidance with volume and mega volume sets. If you’ve ever struggled with completing dark, full sets on clients with sparse lashes, this is the course for you!

Lash Business Masterclass - Online and In-Person
As our only non-theory course, the masterclass is all about starting and running your own lash business. This course targets lash artists who are interested in taking their business to the next level, or starting it from the ground up. With lessons from PLA CEO Michelle, Paul and Tuss from LashCast, and many other industry leaders, you will leave with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in the competitive lash industry.

Wet, Wispy, & Strip Lash Styling - Online
Structured around mapping and styling trendy lash styles, this course focuses on how to recreate these more advanced lashing techniques. If you’ve conquered classic and volume lashing, then it’s time to learn some new lashing skills with PLA!

Find more details about all of our classes here!

What is the difference between the online and in-person lash training classes?

We have worked hard to ensure that the online and in-person courses are as similar to each other as possible. You will receive the same information and guidance no matter which kind of course you choose to take. The PLA Education Team is here to support you through your lashing journey, so rest assured that the education you receive from PLA is the same quality whether you physically join us or not!

Does taking a PLA course license me as a lash artist?

While completing a PLA course does certify you as a lash artist, it will not license you. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician is a process that is different in each individual state, so we cannot guarantee that our course meets each specific set of requirements. Please note that we require students to be licensed before attending our in-person training.

Are lash courses worth it?

PLA has always been passionate about education, and we’re an academy at our core. So of course we think lash courses are worth it! Lashing can be an overwhelming, time consuming, and somewhat lonely career — investing in education helps with all of these issues! You’ll learn new techniques, brush up on the basics, and meet and network with fellow lash artists and professionals. What’s not to love?

Shipping and Discounts FAQ

How fast does PLA ship and deliver orders?

We ship orders on the same day they are placed if ordered before 2 PM PST Monday through Friday. For domestic shipping, orders arrive between 1-7 business days depending on the selected shipping method and location of the delivery address. International shipping can take between 3 to 21 business days depending on the country and shipping carrier.

What is PLA Shipping Protection?

PLA Shipping Protection is an optional add-on at checkout that protects your order from being lost, damaged, or stolen. If you happen to experience any of these situations, reach out to the PLA Customer Service team so they can help you!

What is PLA Choice?

For free domestic shipping and early access to all sales, consider becoming a PLA Choice member! For just $95 a year, PLA Choice gives you free shipping within the USA and exclusive 24-hour early access to all sales. After signing up, just log in with your email and password for automatic free domestic shipping and check your email for sale information.

Does PLA take returns?

Any unused or unopened product can be returned to PLA within 10 days of receiving it. Please note that liquids cannot be returned and tweezers can only be exchanged.

For more information about our shipping and return policies, please visit our Shipping and Returns page!

Does PLA offer a wholesale discount?

Yes, we do! Our three wholesale codes allow you to save the more you spend. Check out our wholesale page for more information. Please note that the products on that page are already discounted, and therefore cannot be combined with the wholesale discount codes.

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