PLA Samples

Try our Lash Extension Sample Bags & Experience the PLA Difference!

At Paris Lash Academy, we’ve come to be known as the premier choice among lash techs and estheticians for all things eyelash extension supplies. PLA is the most trusted source for faux mink lash extensions, lash extension glue and remover, eyelash tweezers, lash fans - and everything else you need to perform a stunning service for your clients, too! There are so many reasons lash techs around the world prefer us as their supplier - and once you’ve experienced the PLA difference yourself, we’re confident you’ll be hooked. But, maybe you’re not quite convinced - and you want to start small before placing a big order. That’s where our lash extension sample bags come in!

By shopping the eyelash extension samples above, you gain the ability to try out some of our most popular products before having to commit to a larger order. This is the best way to take a chance on Paris Lash Academy without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to try out our Promade Fans or our adhesive, our brow lamination products or our hydrogel - we’ve got a sample that is perfect for you. Keep reading to discover all that we have to offer on this page! 

All the Different Eyelash Extension Sample Bags We Offer on This Page

When we say we’ve got an eyelash extension sample bag for everyone - no matter what product line they want to try - we mean it! These are absolutely perfect for beginner lash artists who just want to dip their toes in the water. Just take a look above and see for yourself. Or, read on below as we breakdown our most popular lash extension sample bags:

  • The Best of PLA Sample Bag - This is our personal favorite - because you get to experience the best of what we have to offer here at PLA, as the name suggests. If you like to hand-make fans yourself, this is the lash extension sample bag for you. It includes your choice of adhesive, classic lash trays, and volume lash trays. You also get the basics needed for performing your service, like lash and brow cleanser, foam eye pads, cream remover, and supreme bonder. It’s fully customizable - so you get to pick your style and size. What’s more, you’ll save 20% by bundling these items together!
  • PLA ProMade Fan Sample Bag - If you already know you love our ProMade fans or you are still on the fence about trying them in your own salon, this is the lash extension sample bag for you. It comes with your choice of adhesive, a box of mixed loose fans, one mixed XL tray, cleanser, remover, bonder, and of course, the foam eyepads.
  • Adhesive Sample - The adhesive you use on your clients can make or break the quality of your lash artistry. The longer your clients are able to maintain the results they attain at your salon, the more likely they are to come back for more! This is why more lash artists prefer our glue and remover - it’s safer, more effective, and easier to use. And in our adhesive sample bag, you can try all our adhesives in 2mL samples to see which you prefer!
  • Eyepad Sample - If you’ve heard all about how amazing our foam eyepads are, you’re probably interested in seeing what the hype is all about yourself. These are the preferred choice for clients with sensitive skin. And, this sample makes it easy for you to do so in a cost-effective way. You get 5 pairs of our thin, nonslip, flexible, hypoallergenic, and additive-free foam eyepads. 
  • These are four of our newest, most popular, and most exciting eyelash samples - but, we offer quite a few others - including samples of our lash lift and tint kits, hydrogel masks, and more. Explore the full sample catalog above!