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Our PLA Supreme Bonder has been developed to truly provide an elasticity, unlike anything we’ve seen before. The bonder cures from the outside to the inside of the bond, rapidly curing the extension to the natural lash, without the effects of blooming (extensions turning white from shock curing). Our superbonder is perfect for a lash artist using any PLA adhesive.

Fast Facts:

  • 15 ml bottle
  • Do not use on client's skin.
  • Made and packaged for Paris Lash Academy in the UK
  • Must be used at room temperature.


  • Before use, make sure bonder is used at room temperature. Bonder will be viscous when cold and must be warmed to room temperature and mixed prior to use.
  • After the lash extension has been applied, you need to wait 2-3 minutes, and then take a micro brush and apply a very small amount of bonder, only at the joint. Do NOT soak the lashes.
  • And most important step: let the bonder set! Don’t rush to use a fan or nano mister immediately after applying.
  • To simplify it: after you apply the last lashes, wait 2 mins for the extension to dry, then apply a small amount of bonder using a micro brush( do not have the micro brush soaking wet). After thoroughly brushing the bonder through the base of the extension, wait 2 more mins for the bonder to work ( do not use a fan or nano mister right away).

Do not use in any other capacity.
Liquid products, including adhesive, primers, bonders, and cream based products cannot be returned.

    Do you need a nano mister?

    • If you use a bonder you DO NOT need a nano mister.
    • If you use nano mister out of habit, use it AFTER the bonder, and make sure the bonder is fully dry and activated.
    • NEVER put Supreme Bonder in your nano mister.

    Can I use it wrong?

    • YES!
    • If you use too much Supreme Bonder you may weaken the bond. Or if you have super high humidity (over 75%), your adhesive will cure quickly without a bonder, so applying Supreme Bonder would be similar to using too much product.


    Section 1 – Chemical Product and Company Identification


    Supreme Bonder


    1285 Financial Blvd

    Reno, Nevada


    Adhesive cure aid

    Section 2 – Composition and Ingredient Information

    Ingredient Component Name

    Humectants(e.g Glycerine) 10%

    Emollients e,g, Peg-7 glyceryl cocoate) 5%

    Bulking agents (e.g. Sodium polyacrylate) 5%

    Additional ingredients (e,g vitamins, proteins, plant extracts 5%

    Emulsifying agents (e.g Ethylhexyl stearate) 5%

    Thickeners (e.g. Cellulose derivatives) 5%

    Preservatives, antimicrobials 1.5%

    Aqua Water to 100%

    Proprietary blend

    Ethanol containing solution

    Section 3 – Hazards Identification

    Hazard Risk Classification

    Category 2 for skin and eye irritation

    Potential Health Effect

    Eye: Causes eye irritation

    Skin: Causes skin irritation

    When used properly the product is safe and tolerable in accordance with the legal provisions (Article 3 of the EC Cosmetics Directive.)

    Section 4 – First Aid Measures


    Not expected

    Eye Contact

    Inadvertent contact with eyes:rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water immediately;if irritation persists consult ophthalmologist as a precautionary measure

    Skin Contact

    Gently wash with mild soap and water. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. If clothing is contaminated, remove and wash before reuse


    Drink plenty of water. Seek medical attention.

    Inadvertent ingestion of larger amounts, do not induce vomiting. Rinse out of mouth and drink about one glass of water. Where appropriate, consult the poison control centre of the doctor.

    Section 5 – Fire Fighting Measures

    Specific Hazard


    Flash Point


    Hazardous Decomposition Materials


    Suitable Extinguishing Media

    All common extinguishing agents are suitable

    Protective Equipment


    Section 6 – Accidental Release Measures

    Personal Precautions (for non-emergency and emergency responders)

    Wear appropriate protective equipment. Stop leak if without risk.

    Environmental precautions

    Do not bring it into the eyes. Packaging should be recycled after residual emptying. Filled, unused packages must be disposed of separately in accordance with the waste management directives of the municipality

    Disposal and Clean Up

    In the event of spillage/leakage, mop up main volume with cloths;when larger amounts are involved, dispose of cloths and mopping up material by controlled disposal-risk of fire. Remove rest with plenty of water and common cleaning agent

    Section 7 – Handling and Storage

    Handling Precautions

    Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Keep out of the reach of children

    Must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Observe any warnings on packaging. Store in a cool and dry place (room temperature) Product may be flammable. Do not expose to extreme heat (e.g. sunlight). do not store close tonaked flames or sources of heat or use in direct vicinity.

    Section 8 – Exposure Controls and Personal Protection

    Exposure Limits

    No limit value which is to be controlled is defined

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Breathing protection


    Not necessary

    Hand protection

    Body protection

    No special protective gloves necessary

    No special protective measures necessary

    Section 9 – Physical and Chemical Properties

    Physical State



    Slight or characteristic



    Boiling Point


    Flash Point




    Evaporation Rate


    Ignition Temperature


    Melting/Freezing Point



    Water Soluble

    Vapour Density


    Vapour Pressure



    0.97-1.01 g/ml

    Section 10 – Stability and Reactivity


    Stable under normal conditions.


    Excess heat, ignition sources, incompatible materials.

    Conditions to Avoid

    None in case of correct treatment and storage

    Incompatible Materials

    No dangerous reactions known

    Hazardous Decomposition Products

    No decomposition if used correctly

    Section 11– Toxicological Information

    Inhalative Toxicity


    Skin Irritation

    May cause skin irritation

    Eye Irritation

    May cause irritation to eyes


    No data available

    Acute Toxicity

    Mutagenicity, cancerogenic,reproduction toxicity

    No data available

    Not known

    Section 12– Ecological Information


    No data available


    No data available

    Bioaccumulative Potential

    No data available

    Mobility in Soil


    No data available

    In the case of appropriate handling and use, no ecological problems are to be expected

    Section 13– Disposal Consideration

    Dispose in accordance with applicable regional, national, and local laws and regulations.Packaging which cannot be cleaned has to be disposed in the sam way like the substance itself

    Section 14– Transport

    No dangerous goods according to the transport regulations

    Section 15– Regulatory Information

    The product is classified according to the EC guidelines and applicable national laws.

    Section 16– Other Information

    The information contained in this document is based upon our current level of knowledge and reflects our best professional judgement in which the product is delivered, but does not offer any guarantee or warranty. Neither our company nor any subsidiaries assumes any liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document. All materials may present unknown. This information is provided with the condition that the person receiving it will make their own determination of the suitability of the product for their particular use.