Easy Fans

What Are Easy Fan Lashes?

Our easy fan lashes allow you to achieve the look and feel of professional handmade volume fans with minimal experience. They are self-fanning, but they aren’t necessarily ProMade fans.

They’re perfect for pinching because once you pick them up with your tweezers, you can easily make the base smaller. They also stay together nicely as they have minimal adhesive, so you can easily make fans without worrying about the lashes falling apart.

Because making your own fans by hand isn’t always feasible, these can save the day. There is a reason so many of the best lash technicians in the world keep these in their arsenal. While they’re relatively new to this industry, they are making serious waves already,

Are Easy Fan Lashes Good?

There is a common misconception that because these are essentially premade fans that they are of low quality.

This isn’t true at all - these are really good for a lot of different instances. They save you a ton of time, and in some instances, are actually the ideal lash option for your client. Let’s explain who should use these, and when they should be used.

Who Are Our Easy Lash Fans Best For?

First of all they’re great for beginners - particularly those who are new to making their own volume fans. 

This isn’t an easy skill to learn, so you can get by early on by relying instead on these. They’re also great for lash techs who tend to pinch their fans. We highly encourage every technician to keep some of these in their arsenal, because you never know when you’re going to need them!

Do Easy Fan Lashes Last A Long Time?

One of the most important factors that determine how good of a lash tech you are is how good your client’s retention is. Because easy fans already have a minimal amount of adhesive, some wonder if this can affect retention. 

This isn’t really something that can be affected by the type of lashes you use, it has more to do with the adhesive you use instead.

If you use low-quality lash glue, the eyelash extensions will fall out far quicker. At the same time, a poor application will fall out far sooner than one applied with finesse and care. This means you also need to take into account how good of a job you are doing.

How To Use Easy Fan Lashes 

Because making fans with our easy fan lashes is so simple, we recommend you practice safe volume lashing and not pick up a heavier fan than your client’s natural lashes can handle.

Being able to accomplish this is what truly makes you a great eyelash technician! It will certainly take practice, but having this ability in your back pocket is a great asset.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Easy Lash Fans?

If you’re looking to buy easy lash fans, you no doubt have plenty of options online. And yet, so many of the world's greatest lash technicians trust Paris Lash Academy as their wholesale lash supplier.

Simply put, nobody produces higher quality lash care products and actual lashes themselves. From these easy-to-use lash fans to our adhesive and remover, and everything in between in our catalog - you’ll find nothing but industry-leading quality.

Our Easy Eyelash Fans Are Backed By Real-World Experience & Science

Our founder Michelle Nguyen is a lash technician herself and spent the past 10 years honing her craft on her own clientele. 

After continually being frustrated and disappointed with the quality that mainstream retailers offered, she decided to do something about it.

She became an expert in eyelash science and designed a line of products that were as high quality as they were affordable, completely changing the game for lash techs just like you.

With the products you’ll find here at Paris Lash Academy, you’re well equipped to elevate your craft and bring it to a new level, creating lasting beauty for your clients every time they come in.

Invest in yourself today and watch the satisfaction level of your clients rise, leading to your book becoming fuller and fuller as clients scramble to grab a spot!

Additional Features Of Our Easy To Use Eyelash Fans

Our easy-to-use eyelash fans are loved by many and for good reason. They’re available in a variety of different sizes & styles.

Whether you need C, CC, or D curl, we have a pack for you. They’re available in 0.05, are matte black, and 100% vegan & cruelty-free. While these have the same appearance and sheen as true mink lashes, they are entirely fake, no animals were harmed while making these.

To ensure these maintain their quality and don’t deteriorate over time, store them in cool or room temperature areas.