Whether you’re looking to kick off your new lash business or an established lash tech ready to increase your knowledge and confidence, you are in the right place.

This is not your run of the mill, “monkey-see-monkey-do” lash class. After taking this 3-day eyelash extension course you will have all the tools, resources, and mentorship necessary to unleash that inner LASH PRO you know is inside of you.

This in-person lash course training, held in Reno, Nevada, comes with 1 year access to our online learning portal with over 12 hours of lessons covering natural lash anatomy, mapping different lash styles, advice for getting your first clients, procedure for full sets and fills and lots more!

Icons of what comes with the PLA Class

Lash Foundations Unleashed: Classic & Volume Class with PLA

If you’ve ever struggled to give your clients super dense, dark sets or aren’t sure how to complete an ultra-full lash look on a client with sparse lashes, this is the course for you. This 2 day Mega Volume Workshop seamlessly integrates theory and practical education, giving you the best of both worlds. PLA’s Mega Magic Certification Course is here to give you ALL the secrets to achieving the blacked-out lash looks of your dreams!

Invest in yourself and your career by learning from lash industry leaders. This class is specifically for those that are looking to level up their lash business. Not only will Michelle, Paul, and Tuss share their experience and knowledge, the course also features lessons and talks from PLA's VP of Marketing, Caitlin McAninch; PLA's Financial Controller, Jeff Hider; PLA's Human Resource Manager, Corinne Ball; and PLA's CPA, Trevor Howell.

Whether You’re A Newbie Or Advanced – Take A Lash Course At PLA!

Our lash extension class is hands on, teaching you everything you need to launch your career as a lash artist. Our classes include theory, advice for how to start a lash business, practice on live models and the chance to earn two certifications. All PLA classes are held in Reno, Nevada.

Lash Extension Classes That Work For You – From Basics To Sanitation And More!

All the proceeds from our lash tech classes goes directly into the PLA Foundation, our charity that gives back to lash artists and nail techs in need. You can take our eyelash extension online course at your own pace too!

To learn more about how our eyelash extension training works, read the descriptions from our lash certification classes above!