ProMade Fans

What Are ProMade Fans?

ProMade lash fans are handmade lash extensions made without any sort of machinery. Our ProMade fans range from 3D to 16D, meaning a single fan can have anywhere from 3 lash extensions to 16 lash extensions per fan. We offer them as loose, individual lash extensions, XL trays and mixed length boxes. We also have various styles, like narrow lash fans, wispy lash extensions, color lashes and more.
ProMade lash fans from PLA are handcrafted by professional lash artists -- for lash artists. ProMade fans are lightweight and are perfect for new lash artists and advanced alike. Designed for quicker application, PLA ProMade lashes are made using the "pinch" method, to ensure the base is small with minimal adhesive.

ProMade Vs. PreMade Lash Fans

The difference between ProMade and PreMade lashes is that ProMades are handmade, while PreMades are made by a machine. ProMade fans are designed for efficiency and quality over cookie-cutter lash extensions. PreMade lash fans are known for having big, square, boxy bases that don't wrap around the natural lash, which creates poor retention. ProMades save lash artists time in their appointments and when applied correctly, they can have the same lash retention as handmade fans.

You can read more about our ProMade lashes on our blog here.