Lash Extension Tweezers

The Best Lash Extension Tweezers From PLA

Choosing the right lash tweezers is crucial for every lash artist. The right pair, or multiple pairs, ensures you can be confident and comfortable when applying lash extensions to your clients. You may find that having a complete set of lash tweezers is a must, since there's different types for different uses and styles of lash extensions. You can read more about how to pick the right lash extensions tweezers on our blog here.

Caring For Your Professional Lash Extension Tweezers

You should remember to remove lash glue, lash extension remover creams and other liquids from your tweezers right after using them. Allowing products to dry on your tweezers can create a weight displacement, and mess with your precision and technique. It's also just you know, sanitary.

Lash Tweezer Case

Lash extension tweezers can be surprisingly delicate. Dropping them onto hardwood or pressing them against hard surfaces can catch up to you in terms of wear and tear. Storing them in a proper case when not in use can ensure the lifetime of your tweezers.

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