YY Lashes and More

All The Trending Lashes From PLA: YY Lashes, Fairy Lashes & More!

At PLA, we always love to stay on top of trends in the lash world – whether it’s volume, more natural looks or wet set lashes. That’s why we carry a line of speciality lashes so you can keep creating the latest crazes your clients want!

Whether You Want Volume Or Texture. Find The Perfect Speciality Lashes For You

Here’s a breakdown of what each of our speciality lashes can do:

YY Lash Extensions:

Perfect for adding volume to your lash sets, each lash has a split tip, breaking into a large “Y” shape. Sometimes referred to as 2D fans, these will give your sets the effect of more lashes and are applied like Classic lashes.

W Lash Extensions:

W lashes allow you to create hybrid or light volume sets like you’re using 3D fans. The 3-pronged tip is perfect for covering small gaps in a sparse set or giving an edgier, textured look to an otherwise uniform set. Also applied like Classic lashes.

Clover Lashes:

These 4D fans will allow you to create hybrid or light volume sets with a little more fluff than usual. Applied like Classic lash extensions, they are available in single lengths or mixed.

Fairy Lash Extensions:

Fairy lashes give a spiky look rather than wispy, with an airier texture as opposed to a Kim K look. They are perfect to mix with YY lashes to add texture. They are 2D fans with a spike down the middle, for recreating trendy looks like wet set lashes and are also applied like Classic lashes.

And we’re constantly getting more all the time! Check back to this page to stay on top of the latest lash extension trends with PLA.