Deluxe Wispy Kit

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Experience the best of both worlds with our limited edition Deluxe Wispy Kits! With a mix of both Bold and Wispy ProMades, you'll be able to create just about any set you can imagine.
Our Deluxe Wispy Kits are available in 4 different options! Each jumbo box has a 50/50 combination of Bold and Wispy lashes, with mixed lengths and a wide variety of dimensions. 
So whether you're looking for dark and dramatic ProMades or leaning more textured and spiky, the PLA Deluxe Wispy Kits are sure to fit your lashing needs! 
These kits are limited edition, so get them while supplies last!
Fast Facts:
  • Kit quantities:
    • 880 4D Bold ProMades and 480 5D Wispy ProMades
    • 840 6D Bold ProMades and 384 7D Wispy ProMades
    • 680 8D Bold ProMades and 384 9D Wispy ProMades
    • 680 9D Bold ProMades and 384 11D Wispy ProMades
  • Available in 4 options:
    • 4D Bold / 5D Wispy: 0.07
    • 6D Bold / 7D Wispy: 0.07 / 0.05
    • 8D Bold / 9D Wispy: 0.05 / 0.03
    • 9D Bold / 11D Wispy: 0.03
  • Bold ProMade Mix Length: 8mm to 15mm
  • Wispy ProMade Mix Length: 9mm to 15mm
  • Curl: CC
  • All PLA lashes are made from Korean PBT
  • 100% vegan