Premade vs. ProMade Lashes

Premade? ProMade? Are they the same? What makes them different? Which is better? 

We’re here to break down the difference between the two! These types of lashes are becoming more and more popular among the eyelash extension community. New artists can be at ease when learning volume sets, as the fans are already done for them. Advanced artists use them to speed up their application process. But what is the difference between the two?

The simple way to put it: ProMade fans are 100% handmade, while PreMade fans are made by a machine.

ProMade Lashes

ProMade Lashes are fans that are hand-made in advance for the artists. Many lash artists do this to help speed up the application process. They hand-make their fans and use a technique called ‘crystallization’ and store the fans for future use.

What is Crystallization?

Crystalizing your fans means you hand-make your fans, dip them in adhesive, and swipe off any excess so that your fans are not weighed down. A lot of artists do this in their downtime to increase their lash speed and application process.

However, some artists are against this technique as ‘double dipping’ the fan doesn’t allow for the extension to ‘wrap’ the natural lash since the base has already been sealed once.

ProMades made at PLA are 100% hand-made by lash artists that are trained by the Paris Lash Academy team. Our ProMades have minimal use of adhesive when applied in the bonding process. Customers are a fan of our ProMades due to the narrow base and how they mimic handmade fans that a lash artist would make themselves!

Premade Lashes

Premade Lashes are also fans that are made in advance, however, these are factory made fans and usually heat-bonded at the base. Most of the time, heat-bonded premade fans are lighter because no adhesive has been used in the process. Some factories do make glue-bonded fans. We do find that premade fans are cookie cutter, meaning they are very symmetrical, with no personality. They also are known for having big, square, boxy bases that do not wrap around the natural lash, which creates poor retention. Always check the diameter of premades, because health and safety of our clients’ natural lashes is our number one priority!

Here at Paris Lash Academy, we do not carry or sell premade lash fans.

Cost Effective

Many lash artists turn to premades or ProMades because they are more cost effective. We all know every fan doesn’t turn out perfect, and we often have to remake a few to get it right. Purchasing fans that are already made can help eliminate wasting lashes and running through products more quickly. Although, the convenience of having them made for you does usually elevate the price by the supplier.

What Do We Recommend?

We truly recommend that you do what works best for YOU as an artist! There is no right or wrong when it comes to making your fans; as long as you are abiding by proper technique and lash application, you’re gold! Here at Paris Lash Academy, we offer a large variety of ProMade fans, ranging from 3D-16D! We also offer color ProMade fans. If you prefer hand-making your fans, we have super mink lashes that are soft, dark, and dense! Every lash artists’ dream!

Click here to watch a quick TikTok tutorial on how to place a Promade fan for maximum retention!

Remember, no matter how you achieve your sets (premade, ProMade, hand-made) you’re still an amazing lash artist who is killin’ it!

Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!