Spring Clean Your Beauty Workspace: Salon Cleaning Checklist

As spring approaches, it’s a great time to refresh your salon! A quick spring cleaning for your business helps you maintain a professional appearance, enhances your clients’ experiences, and promotes a healthier overall mindset. 

Let’s get into our top tips for tackling spring cleaning your salon and how to keep your workspace tidier year round!

Our 4 Easy Tips For Beauty Salon Cleaning

Take Inventory

Before you can actually start organizing and cleaning, you need to know exactly what you already have in stock.

Take a look at your lashes, adhesives, nail polishes, tweezers, and everything else you normally keep on hand. Discard any expired products or used disposable items that are still laying around. This is also a great time to assess your equipment and furniture, making sure they are still in great condition and don’t need any repairs.

Get Your Work Space Squeaky Clean

While this might not be the most fun part, it sure is important!

Now that you know what you have on hand and what you need to stock up on, you can roll up your sleeves and start cleaning! Wipe down all the surfaces in your work space, including doors, beds, and countertops. You should be disinfecting your equipment on a regular basis, but it’s never a bad idea to clean them again. 

Organize And Decorate Your Space

With your salon sparkling now, you can take the opportunity to refresh your organization and decor. Check in with yourself to make sure the way you have everything set up still works for you. Do you need more space for your lashes? Are your tweezers always falling off counters? Consider if you want to change anything or add to your decorations to make your space even more inviting and comfortable. 

(PS: If you actually are always losing track of your tweezers, check out our Magnetic Lash Tile. With strong magnets built into the tray, this is a super easy way to make sure your tweezers stay right where you left them.)

We also have a wide range of other organizational tools and products to help you keep your space how you like it. Take a look here!

Keep A Salon Cleaning Schedule And Checklist

It can be overwhelming to do all of your cleaning and organizing at the same time. Consider building yourself a salon cleaning list and routine that you can reference throughout the rest of the year. This will be different depending on how large your business is, what services you offer, and how many clients you tend to see. Assign specific tasks to yourself and your staff if you can, designating a time each day or week to have them done. A checklist helps you avoid overlooking anything so you can stay on track all year — hopefully eliminating any need for a full on spring cleaning next year!

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While it might seem a little daunting, don’t get overwhelmed! With the right attitude, beauty salon cleaning is simple and highly rewarding. Plus, by setting up a schedule and doing a little tidying up every week, you’ll save yourself a bunch of time in the long run.