How To Use Microfoam Tape

The PLA Microfoam Tape has tons of different uses and advantages over traditional eyepads or other types of tape. We love using microfoam tape as a hypoallergenic alternative for sensitive clients or for those who don’t love the feeling of other eyepads. Let’s get into what microfoam tape is, how we use it, and what makes it stand out from other choices!

What Is Microfoam Tape?

Microfoam tape is an elastic, hypoallergenic tape that has a variety of uses primarily in the medical and beauty industries. It’s great for compression and secures well on areas that move a lot or are irregularly contoured. Since its latex-free, you don’t have to worry about clients with latex sensitivities. 

All of these positives add up to one conclusion — PLA Microfoam Tape is great as an eyepad replacement! It is stretchy, water-resistant, and comfortable, so it’s great for virtually all of your clients. You should definitely give these a try if you have clients who don’t tolerate eyepads well or just don’t like how they feel.

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How To Use Microfoam Tape

Under Eye Protection

The main way you can use microfoam tape is under the client’s eyes instead of an eyepad. You just place it at the middle of the client’s lower lid, making sure you are on top of the lashes, and smooth it out towards the corners. This is an easy, comfortable way to provide adequate protection while keeping all the lower lashes safely out of the way.

Fluttering Eye Trick

Sometimes clients have shaky, quivering eyes that make proper application difficult. To help with this, you can take a piece of microfoam tape about the same width of the eye and place it over the client’s closed lid. This will keep their eye from fluttering and provide you with a smooth, stable work space!

Reaching Inner And Outer Corner Lashes

Those tiny inner and outer corners lashes can be quite tricky to reach! You can take a small piece of microfoam tape and gently lift either corner towards the opposite side, exposing those small lashes. This will help you get right into the corner and make sure there are no lashes left behind!

Lifting Lashes Up

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good view of your client’s lashes from your seat. Try using a piece of microfoam tape on the closed upper lid and pull gently towards you. The lashes will start to stand up straighter, giving you a better angle for your application and to isolate the lashes.

Here at PLA, we strive to provide you with quality products for your every lashing need as the premier eyelash extension supplier on the market. 

Microfoam tape has a wide variety of uses — you’ll be sure to find one that works for you! We are always here to help answer any questions or concerns you might have!

Happy lashing!