How to Have the Perfect Lash Appointment

Getting eyelash extensions turns into a full-blown relationship! The lash client and the lash artist must work together to achieve the desired look, as well as the best retention possible. Today, we are discussing how to accomplish the perfect lash appointment. This is great information if you are the client yourself reading this. If you are a lash artist, this is a great resource to forward to your clients to help them be prepared. Below we have 10 ways to have the perfect appointment! 

  1. Arrive on Time -  This is one of the most vital things you can do to have the perfect appointment. The lash artist will want to spend every minute applying beautiful eyelash extensions for you. Please do your best to leave early enough to be on time for your service. Even 5 or 10 minutes can truly impact the artists’ schedule that day, and it leads to less time spent applying lash extensions on you! 
  2. Avoid Caffeine/Energy Drinks -  You might feel the way we do - iced coffee is the most important meal of the day! However, consuming a high amount of caffeine before your appointment can cause your eyes to flutter or twitch. This can impact the lash artist’s ability to apply the extensions correctly and safely. To help avoid any additional or unnecessary movement, avoid drinking caffeine or energy drinks before your appointment. Additionally, this is your YOU time; it is a great opportunity for a lash nap! Consuming caffeine beforehand can cause you to stay awake and feel jittery. So, skip the caffeine, get some rest, and bat those beautiful lashes as you strut out! 
  3. Bring Headphones - The goal is to lay as still as possible during the duration of your service. Most salons play music or podcasts. But this is your YOU time so bringing headphones to listen to your favorite radio station, podcast, or audiobook can help the time go by faster and make it more enjoyable. 
  4. Dress Comfortable - You will be in a reclined or flat position for an extended period of time. Dressing comfortably is key! Most commonly, a lash room is kept between 69-72F degrees. We also recommend bringing a jacket or hoodie to stay warm. Laying in a still position for a while can make you feel chilly! Plus, who doesn’t love any opportunity to wear sweats? 
    How  To Have The Perfect Lash Appointment
  5. Do Your Research -  Every tech has a different style! Be sure to do your research on your lash technician. View their social media for pictures and videos of their work. They may do great work but the style may not be for you and that is okay! If needed, forward them a photo of your desired look and ask if they can accomplish it. 
  6. Have Inspiration Pictures - Speaking of photos, bringing an “Inspo Photo” to your appointment can be very helpful. Everyone has a different definition of adjectives we constantly use: “thick” “long” “short” etc., and a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Be thorough when explaining to your lash artist what you want to achieve. 
  7. Avoid Wearing Makeup - Whether this be an appointment for a full set or a lash fill, arrive at your appointment without any makeup. This is a common policy for lash artists and some charge a fee to remove it. While you’re there, they will want to spend every moment possible creating a beautiful set for you. The time slot can significantly be impacted if they have to use the beginning of your appointment to remove makeup.
    a. Avoid wearing foundation or concealer around the eyes
    b. Arrive with no eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara on
    c. A bare face is the best way to arrive!
  8. Pay Your Deposit - Many lash artists require deposits to secure the time slot. If this applies to you, be sure to pay your deposit right away to guarantee your lash extension appointment! This typically goes toward your service and the remainder is due the day of service.
  9. Use the Restroom Before - If you can, use the restroom before your appointment starts. Lash artists want to use every minute possible lashing you! A lot of time can be lost if the service is interrupted. However, we all understand, “when you gotta go, you gotta go!”
  10. Pre-book Your Next Fill - To ensure you always have full and fluffy lashes, pre-book your next appointment before leaving. A lot of artists book up quickly in advance. It’s best to not wait until you need the fill to attempt to schedule. Remember, you can always reach out and communicate with your artist if you need to reschedule or alter the date you chose in advance. A lash artist will truly appreciate you pre-booking so they know how to manage their upcoming schedule and to be sure their loyal, returning clients are in the books for their service.

Feel free to share these tips with your clients to ensure the perfect appointment for everyone! 

Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!