Colored Lashes To Spice Up Your Lash Sets From PLA

Color Lashes Are All The Craze In The World Of Lash Extensions

If you’re a lash artist looking to spice up your offering of lash sets, PLA has a wide collection of color lash extensions to up your services! Colorful lashes can be a great way to celebrate a holiday or complete a look for a music festival. Whatever the occasion, being able to create sets of lashes with color is great to have in your back pocket.

Lash Extensions Tips for Adding Color To Your Sets

  1. Apply on the bottom layer of lashes so when your client opens their eye, it’s easy to see the color POP!
  2. Apply on the top of the lashes, above the black ones, to create an ombre look!
  3. Use Color lashes 1 mm longer than the base set to really make them show!
  4. Use a clear glue when applying color lashes.

Color Lash Inspiration

We compiled a list of lash extensions with color for inspiration! If you’re wondering how the colors look when they’re finished or maybe a new way to incorporate them into your services, check out these beauties below for some ideas.


Green color lash extensions from PLA Beauty Inc.

Green lashes using this lash map from PLA:

Whether you’re getting dolled up for St. Patrick’s Day or have green eyes and want to accentuate them, these are great for an ethereal, walk-in-the-forest kind of look.

Lash Mapping:
Bottom layer // 7-8-9-10-9-8-7 CC, with 10D Bold ProMades
Top layer // 8-9-10-11-10-9-8 CC, with 8D Bold ProMades
Spikes // 10-11-12-13-12-11-10 CC, with 0.05 Volume Lash Tray & 0.05 Green Volume Lash Tray

Blue & Teal Lashes from PLA Beauty Inc.

Mermaid lashes created with 0.05 Teal Lashes

Mix our blue and teal lashes to create a beautiful mermaid set – just in time for the new live-action movie to come out! Be a part of that world with this enchanting design.

Blue YY Lashes from PLA

Blue YY Lashes from PLA 

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, our blue extensions are perfect for a little sneak peak glimpse of color that’s not overwhelming or distracting. These Blue ProMades were added to the bottom layer for just a hint of fun.

Purple YY Lashes from PLA

Purple lashes fit for royalty

If you want to turn heads, this is the color to pick, and it goes well with almost any eye color. To create the look, we placed black on the bottom layer. Go, Lash Queen!

Pink Lashes From PLA Beauty Inc.

Pink lash extensions completed with PLA Ombre Lashes

Whether you’re getting ready for a music festival or girls’ night, we love a pop of sassy pink! If you want to spice things up, why not rock this set for a while? We use PLA Ombré Lashes, ProMade Spikes and our PLA 8D ProMades to achieve this texture lash set.

Lash Mapping // 8-9-10-11-10-9, with 8D ProMades in CC Curl
Color Lashes // 10-11-12-13-12-11, with PLA Pink + White Ombre Lashes
Spikes // 13-14-15-16-15-14, with PLA ProMade Spikes in D Curl

Red & White Lashes By Paris Lash Academy

A touch of red lashes and white layers!

A little splash of color goes a long way. Keep people guessing with a few color extensions in the outer corner for that slight highlight that’s not overpowering, but juuuuust right.

Lash Mapping // 8-9-10-11-12-13-14, 0.03 PLA Volume Lashes
Color Mapping // 15 mm in red on top layer, with 12 mm white on bottom layer

Christmas Lash Extensions By Paris Lash Academy

For next Christmas: red and green lashes from PLA

You’ll be the talk of the holiday party with this set. Go bold this Christmas season with this festive combo!

Lash Mapping // 8-9-10-11, Red 0.03 PLA Lashes in D Curl
Top Layer // 11-12-13-14, Green 0.03 PLA Lashes in D Curl

Rainbow Lash Extension Set By Paris Lash Academy

Rainbow lashes made with this kitten eye map

Can’t decide on just one color? Why not try them all with a beautiful rainbow set!

Lash Mapping // 8-9-10-11-12-11-10-9, with PLA Color ProMades and Handmade Fans

Rainbow Lashes By PLA Beauty Inc.

More subtle rainbow lash extensions from PLA 

If you’re not interested in committing to a full rainbow lash set, just a few accents are still a great way to add some color and fun to your eyes.

Brown Lash Extensions By PLA Beauty Inc.

For a natural look: brown lash extensions using YY Lashes

Brown lashes are on the rise right now and if you want to be on trend, these are the extensions to try for your next service! Our YY Brown Lashes are perfect for Hybrid or Light Volume lash extensions.

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Whether you’re an individual lash artist looking for high-quality products for your services or a salon owner looking for lash vendors, PLA is your premier choice for professional lash extension supplies. If you ever have any questions about any of our items, our team is always ready to help as well! Reach out to us at