3 Ways to Store Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Raise your hand if you hoard lash tweezers like we do!

We are truly dependent on the tools we use in our industry; without a great pair of eyelash extension tweezers, our jobs would be nearly impossible! Once we find that HOLY GRAIL pair of tweezers, you want to do everything you can to protect them! Today, we’re showing you three ways to store your tweezers!

Store in a Tweezer Stand

We are proud to show you one of our favorite items here at Paris Lash Academy. Our PLA Marble Tweezer Stand displays eight of your favorite tweezers. This is a great addition to your lash setup so you can quickly access your tweezers. It’s also a beautiful way to display your tweezers on your cart and keep them safe. The clear lid is attached and covers the tweezers to keep them free of dust and debris. Our tweezer stand comes in two beautiful colors: white and pink! Each stand is unique with the marble design, making each one different! The Paris logo is featured on the front of the clear covering. 

Please note that tweezers do not come with the stand and are pictured for demonstration purposes only. This way you can fill your tweezer stand with your specific favorite tweezers! 

#PLAQuickTip: Make sure the tip of the tweezer is facing up and always use the protective top that comes with the extension tweezers (the clear, rubber piece). This will help avoid damage to the tip of your tweezers.

Extra Large Tweezer Case

Additionally, you can store your favorite eyelash extension tweezers in our Extra Large Tweezer Case. This case holds up to 14 pairs of tweezers! The case folds up with a felt piece in the middle to protect the tweezers from rubbing against each other. This case features the Paris logo on the front with a snap closure. 

This case is great for a veteran artist who has accumulated many tweezers over time. It is also great for a travel artist so they have all of their tools with them throughout their workday. It’s well padded, too, to protect from any potential damage, but we still suggest storing the tweezers with the tip facing up and with the rubber tweezer piece still covering the tip. 

Mini Magnetic Tweezer Case

Magnetic cases are another popular tweezer storage used by lash artists. The magnetized case ensures your tweezers will not slip out. We’ve all been there; accidentally dropping a pair of tweezers is a lash tech’s nightmare! 

We have many options available for our Mini Magnetic Tweezer Cases at our lash extension supply store. Our cases safely hold up to six pairs of eyelash extension tweezers. We have several colors available such as matte black, mermaid print, eyelash designs and more! Click here to see our collection and a short video.

When it comes to storing your tweezers, there are many options out there on the market. No matter what you choose, just be sure your tweezers are stored safely and protected from natural dust and debris. During these unprecedented times, it is key that we keep our workstation and tools sanitized and as clean as possible. All of the options discussed today will help keep them covered, kept clean and safe! 

#PLAQuickTip: Here are a few of our best selling tweezers!

  • P4- Our P4 tweezer is our Straight Tweezer. P4 is great for isolation and working with classic lashes. It has a length of 12cm and is made from durable Japanese stainless steel.
  • P6- Our P6 is our Ultimate Volume Tweezer! While most lash artists use this for hand-making fans, this tweezer can be used for isolation as well due to its curved tip. It is 12cm and features our engraved ruler at the end.
  • P7- Our P7 tweezer is actually our owner’s, Michelle’s, personal favorite tweezer! P7 is our 15 degree angle Volume Tweezer. The angle of this tweezer allows you to easily work with volume lashes and making fans on the strip. P7 is a great match for 0.05 and 0.07 lashes! It is also great for techniques such as lonely, pinching, and wiggle.

Head over to ParisLashAcademy.com to check out our tweezer collection! 

Be sure to check out our other blogs where we break down the details of each tweezer we offer. Lastly, check out “Tweezer Tuesday” on our TikTok page for a demo of each tweezer!

Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!