F2 - Fiber Tip Isolating Tweezer

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Our fiber tip F2 tweezer has fine mesh cross-hatching at the tips to ensure that you will be able to isolate easily and quickly. The improved grip makes this a great choice for all lash artists, allowing you to work with less tension in your fingers and wear on the tweezers.

A true classic tweezer with a thin tip allows lash artists to achieve flawless lash separation to isolate lashes for extension placement. The F2 is great for isolation!

All PLA tweezers are made from high quality durable Japanese stainless steel. Each tweezer features an engraved ruler, helping you to measure your client’s natural lashes.

Fast Facts:

  • Fiber tip isolation tweezer
  • Available in diamond cut
  • Length: 12 cm
  • All tweezers include an engraved ruler

All PLA tweezers are hand tested by our team. If you don’t love your tweezers, you can exchange any pair, hassle-free, within 10 days of purchase. We will help you find the tweezer with the perfect sweet spot!