5 Social Media Tips to Help Grow Your Lash Business

Are you utilizing your current client base to its fullest extent to help grow your lash business? If not, here are some quick tips to help recognize and reward your current clients while also growing and reaching your business goals.

Referral Programs

Offer an incentive to your current clients, such as a discount, to encourage them to refer you to their friends and family. There’s plenty of clients to go around! 

You could offer:

  • $10 off to a new client who is a referral and $5 off to the client who referred them!
  • 20% off a service to a new client who was referred by a current client. The current client could then receive a 10% discount on a fill or another service you may offer.

Referral programs are a really strong way to grow your business and reach new audiences!


Encourage your current clients who consistently come to you to leave you positive reviews! This could be on your Facebook page, Google reviews, Yelp, or even on some booking apps! When choosing a lash artist, most potential clients want to see your work and read reviews, so it’s important to have a positive online presence.

You can even make this a reward system! If they leave you a review, they can receive some type of incentive. This can help gain and maintain clients! 

Encourage your clients to include these topics within their review:

  • Their specific lash set
  • Their overall experience with you
  • The environment and cleanliness
  • A photo (if the platform allows an image with the review)
  • Your overall professionalism

Client Content

Use your clients’ content! Ask your clients to tag you in their photos as their lash artist, show your work on their stories to shout out your small business, or get their consent to re-post their photos on your page to spotlight them! 

If your client shares your business to their story, that could be reaching another audience of hundreds to thousands of people! Imagine if 5-10 clients did this for you; that’s a powerful reach!

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards can be a fun way to offer a reward for sticking around. After so many visits, the client can receive a reward. We’ve seen cards with free gifts, a percentage or dollar amount off of a service, and much more!

These cards can be ordered in bulk and are fairly inexpensive. You can get really creative with these. Websites such as Zazzle.com have beautiful loyalty cards for the beauty industry! 

Marketing Altogether

Question for you: Where are you marketing your lash business? Where can clients find you?

Here are four accounts every business should have to increase their visibility online:

  • Business Instagram account
  • Business Facebook account
  • Yelp for Business
  • Google My Business (GMB)

Business accounts on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to create an online portfolio of your work to show off your ability and skills! It’s also a great way to be found by your target audience due to the power of social media. Be sure to use hashtags and tag your geo-location!

Yelp and Google My Business (GMB) are great platforms to help you be discovered by online searches as well as a place to receive reviews! If you do not have these yet, we encourage you to start today!

We are here to help in your lash journey every step of the way! From marketing tips to helping with lash mapping, PLA is here for you! Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms so you never miss out on product launches and tutorials, lashing tips, and more!

Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!