PLA 2024 Beauty Events and Conferences

Being successful in the beauty industry isn’t just about mastering your lash skills or creating the most beautiful, intricate nail art; it’s also about immersing yourself in the community that surrounds you! 

Beauty events and conferences allow you to experience the creativity and innovation of your fellow beauty professionals. With everything from networking opportunities to educational workshops and lectures, these events can help you jumpstart your career or give you that little push to take it to the next level! 

So let’s explore how these beauty conferences can fire your professional and personal growth! Also, you’ll get a sneak peek into which events PLA will be attending in 2024!

Why is a beauty event important?

We understand that not everyone has the means to attend events and conferences. However, we do urge that you consider adding an event or beauty conference to your 2024 plans if at all possible. Why, you might ask?

Attending beauty events and conferences is a transformative experience for lash artists, and all other beauty professionals, offering a gateway to unparalleled professional and personal growth. These gatherings provide a dynamic platform for professionals to immerse themselves in the latest industry trends, techniques, and technologies, fostering continuous learning and skill enhancement. Networking opportunities at these events open doors to valuable connections with fellow artists, industry experts, and potential collaborators, creating a vibrant community that supports and inspires. 

Attending beauty events is not merely a professional obligation but a strategic investment in one's craft, offering a holistic journey of growth that extends beyond the salon and into a thriving, interconnected beauty community.

Find PLA At These 2024 Events and Conferences

We’re going to be busy in 2024! Here’s where you can find us next year. We’ve highlighted a few of our biggest events, but the list goes on! This list is still evolving — check back in to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

IBS New York / IBS Las Vegas

New York, NY - March 3-5 / Las Vegas, NV - June 22-24

As the longest-running professional beauty show, IBS aims to educate both incoming beauty students and those who have been in the industry for a little longer. With countless exhibits and classes from major industry professionals, licensed professionals can learn about everything from hair techniques to building businesses.

And to top that all off, not only is PLA attending, but Michelle will also be speaking at IBS Las Vegas! Come check us out, say hi, and learn something new!

LashBoss Summit

Austin, TX - April 26-27

Looking to connect with fellow beauty professionals and learn from the best of the best? Over the span of 2 days, LashBoss Summit gives you the opportunity to stay on top of trends in your industry, network with like-minded artists, and create memories that will last you a lifetime!

Also, for all of our ProMade lovers out there — Michelle will be giving a presentation all about ProMade best practices and amazing retention!

Lashcon 2024

Anaheim, CA - October 11-24

For lash artists itching to meet other artists, get excited about lashing, and develop their business, this is THE lash conference to attend! With a fun social aspect as well, Lashcon is the perfect place to expand your lash family while having the time of your life.

Lashcon also holds the Lashie Awards, a merit-based competition recognizing standout lash business operators. PLA is so proud to sponsor the Lashie Awards, and also be on the board of judges!

As if that wasn’t enough, PLA will also be sponsoring the Salon Owner Breakfast, where lash artists can openly discuss the struggles of owning a salon and network with their peers (all over a yummy breakfast)!

Other Beauty Events PLA Is Attending

Those are just some of the biggest and most exciting events PLA is attending next year. Keep reading to see all of the other places we’re headed in 2024! Please note that this list of nail events, lash conferences and more is not finalized, and can be subject to change.

Cosmoprof Miami

Miami, FL - January 23-25

Premiere Anaheim

PLA will not have a booth, but Michelle will be speaking

Anaheim, CA - February 4-5

International Lash Expo

Glendale, AZ - March 17-18

Cosmoprof Bologna

Bologna, Italy - March 21-24

Oregon Nail Expo

Portland, OR - May 5

Premiere Orlando

Orlando, FL - June 1-3

Beauty Faire Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil - Date TBA

Premiere San Antonio

San Antonio, TX - September 15-16

Utah Nail Expo

Provo, UT - September 20-21

Premiere Columbus

Columbus, OH - September 29-30

Beautyworld Middle East

Dubai, UAE - October 28-30

Cosmoprof Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China - November 12-15

Beauty Conferences PLA is Attending [Updated]

Are we headed near you? This is your sign to take that next step into your professional career and start attending beauty events! With world-class education, networking socials you won’t want to miss out on, and a chance to meet some of the best in the industry, any of these beauty events will help take your career to the next level. 

Plus, we would just love to meet you! Make 2024 your best year yet by adding a beauty conference to your calendar!