How To Use Short Lashes

Long lashes always seem to be in the spotlight! We get it, they’re eye-catching and glamorous. But what about short lash extensions? We wanted to give them some love as well and let you know how we use short lashes!

What Counts As A Short Lash?

While this can be subjective, we typically say that anything under 9mm or 10mm is considered short. Of course this can vary between brands and individual lash artists, but we will be referring to lashes about 6-8mm in length in this blog.

How to Use Short Lashes 

There are lots of different ways to implement short lashes into your regular lash sets. You can also build complete sets out of just short lashes! Let’s dive into a few of our favorite ways to make use of short lashes.

Fox Eye Lashes

A great way to use short lashes to create a gorgeous look is to do a fox eye lash map! Fox lashes create a very sultry, yet still natural, look that goes hand-in-hand with short lashes. The focus of foxy lashes is all on the outer corners, and is a great opportunity to use LD or LC curl lashes. Using short lashes at the inner corners of a fox eye will heighten the dramatic effect of the overall set!

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Lash Extensions For Mature Eyes 

Everyone deserves to wear lashes that make them feel beautiful! Short lashes are a great option for clients with mature lashes or eyes that would have a hard time tolerating heavier lashes. 

Our Bold ProMades are available in mixed length trays starting as short as 6mm! These handmade fans have amazing retention, and the short lengths will help you provide beautiful sets on mature eyes and lashes.

Inner and Outer Corners

One of the most basic and versatile ways to use short lashes is to simply place them in the inner and outer corners. The natural lashes in the corners of the eyes tend to be much more delicate and shorter than the rest. They cannot usually tolerate the same weight or length as the rest of the lashes, so short extensions are the way to go! 

We love our special 0.03 Shorties for this purpose exactly! Just like our regular volume lashes, they fan out beautifully, but won’t weigh the natural lashes down. 

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Short lashes might not seem like the most exciting option for your next lash set. However, we think that they only increase your versatility as a lash artist and open you up to more clients!

Whether you’re using them for a stunning foxy eye or to lash a mature client, we think you’ll love trying out short lashes. Happy lashing everyone!