From Prep To Finish: Essential Waxing Tools And Accessories

Whether you're a seasoned waxing professional or just starting your journey in the world of hair removal, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for achieving smooth and flawless results. This blog will delve into the must-have wax tools and accessories every wax specialist needs in their arsenal. Get ready to elevate your waxing game and ensure a comfortable and effective experience for both you and your clients!

Our Must-Have Wax Products For A Flawless Finish

Your Wax of Choice

We’re stating the obvious here — you can’t really perform a wax service without wax! There are a lot of options out there and many different varieties of waxes. Of course, we’re partial to our Nue Wax Line, but what you use is up to you. 

When looking at wax options, you’ll notice a lot of hard wax vs soft wax talk. These are the main two types of wax, and both serve different purposes. 

Hard wax is more popular, as it can be used anywhere on the body and does not need strips. As the name implies, it hardens as it dries, and can be removed just with your hands. Its gentle formulation allows you to use it multiple times on the same area if needed, as it adheres to the hair itself rather than the skin.

On the other hand, soft wax is the better option for large areas like legs and arms or for removing fine hair. It is not recommended for intimate areas. Soft wax needs to be removed with strips, and is sometimes called strip wax. 

Both of our Hard Wax and Soft Wax options are slightly translucent, so you can easily see the hairs underneath while you’re working. They are also unscented and contain no irritating fragrances. If you’re looking for a gentle and effective wax for your salon or business, you’ve found it!

Other Essential Wax Accessories: 

Wax Warmer + Cleaner

In an unmelted state, your wax won’t be of much use to you. That’s where a wax warmer comes in!

A wax warmer is an insulated pot that allows you to control the temperature and consistency of your wax. Your wax will stay warm and melted throughout the day, so you can get through all of your wax services without worrying that your wax will start to get cold!

The PLApro Wax Warmer is available in both single and double options, so you can choose which capacity is right for you. Both are insulated, will automatically shut off after 12 hours, and have a digital display so you will never have to guess the temperature of your wax.

And to keep your wax warmer shiny and clean, you’ll need a dedicated cleaner! Our Equipment Cleaner can be used on your table, wax warmer, wax mat, or other hard surfaces that may have some remaining wax after the service (it is not intended for use on the skin).

Disposable Gloves

We strongly recommend using gloves while you’re waxing to keep everything cleaner and more hygienic. Your main options will be either latex or nitrile.

Latex gloves are usually the superior choice, as they are flexible and provide better touch sensitivity. They are powder-free, which decreases the chance of sensitivity or reaction. However, some people are allergic to latex, so you might need to check out other options.

Nitrile gloves can be a bit less flexible than latex gloves, but they are quite durable and are more resistant to chemicals. Plus, since they’re synthetically made, they’re a great alternative for anyone with a latex allergy. 

No matter what type of gloves you use, make sure to dispose of them between your clients!

Waxing Sticks

Wax can get a little messy, so using waxing sticks to apply it is a great option. These simple wooden sticks easily spread warm wax and are sturdy enough to pick it up without snapping. We’ve got waxing sticks available in both large and petite sizes! 

Waxing Strips

As mentioned before, soft wax must be removed with strips. The best strips are made with 100% bleached cotton and don’t leave behind any fabric residue like other muslin strips can. Our waxing strips come pre-cut, but can also be cut smaller if needed. Just press onto the wax and remove firmly against the direction of hair growth. 

Waxing Aftercare Products + Prep

Prep and wax aftercare are huge parts of the process (we even wrote a blog dedicated to caring for waxed skin!). Luckily, we developed 3 deluxe waxing products that will make your waxing services that much more comfortable and professional!

Pre-Wax Cleanser

To get the skin ready to be waxed, it needs to be properly cleaned. A dedicated cleanser, like Avant by PLApro, is the best way to start a wax service. Just apply to the skin, wait to dry, and tada — the skin is cleansed and ready to be waxed!

Soothing Balm

To relieve the skin after being waxed, you’ll need a nourishing and soothing product that gently eases any discomfort or irritation. Our luxurious balm, Après by PLApro, is the simplest way to alleviate that post-wax feeling. 

Post-Wax Exfoliant

To wrap up your wax service, educate your client about how to best care for their waxed skin in the days to come. They will need a good exfoliating product that is gentle on their skin while still removing any dead skin cells that could lead to ingrown hairs. Our cream exfoliant, Doux by PLApro, helps your client retain their smooth and radiant skin for as long as possible. Tell your client to wait a day or two after the wax appointment, and then exfoliate every other day. 

PLA: Your Premier Choice For Wax Supplies!

We are so proud that our Nue Wax Line contains everything you would need for a professional waxing service. We’re confident that you’ll love our wax supply — and we’re always working on expanding our collection so we can truly be your one-stop shop for all things wax. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!