Our Top 5 Wax Aftercare Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The perfect waxing experience should leave you with silky-smooth skin and a fresh boost of confidence. 

But hold on just a moment – before you start planning your next waxing session, let's talk about what comes after. While the thrill of smooth skin may feel like the ultimate reward, proper aftercare is the unsung hero of any waxing regimen. 
From preventing irritation to maximizing results, the post-waxing routine plays a crucial role in ensuring that your skin remains radiant and irritation-free. Let’s dive into the importance of aftercare following a waxing session and uncover the secrets to maintaining that coveted glow long after you've bid farewell to unwanted hair.

Why Is Wax Aftercare Important?

Waxing can be a slightly traumatic experience for your skin, even with the gentlest and most soothing products. Think about it — you are literally ripping the hairs out of your skin! Even with the best quality professional waxing tools, there is a level of discomfort and irritation that tends to pair with getting waxed.

But you can rest assured that with the proper aftercare routine and products, your skin will remain healthy, smooth, and hairless while reducing the chance of irritation and ingrown hairs. Here are our tips for how to care for your skin after a wax!

Our Top 5 Tips Waxing Aftercare Products

Use Proper Waxing Products Like A Soothing Balm

We all know what being waxed feels like — it isn’t always pleasant. Your wax tech should have a soothing balm on hand to use directly after the wax (and if this is a wax tech reading this, check out our blog all about wax must-haves!). Our balm, Aps, provides instant relief to waxed skin and helps calm the skin down, reducing redness and pain. This is a super easy aftercare step, as it’s done at your appointment with no extra cost to you!

Exfoliate The Right Way

Gentle exfoliation can work wonders on waxed skin! However, you need to exfoliate with the right products and in the correct way. 

This means that you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin right after getting a wax — your skin will already be a little irritated, and exfoliation would only make that worse. We recommend waiting a day or two before using a gentle exfoliation product, like PLApro Doux. This will help clear your skin of any ingrown hairs and dead skin cells without any further irritation, revealing healthy skin with a sleek shine!

Wear Loose-Fitted Clothing

While you probably already know to wear something loose and flowy to your wax appointment, it’s also a good idea to stick to looser clothing around the waxed area for a few days as well. This is because wearing tight clothes can increase friction on the waxed area, which is generally uncomfortable. Plus, tight clothes can trap in sweat and moisture, neither of which you want on your freshly waxed skin.

Avoid Heavily Scented Products

Waxing makes your skin quite sensitive, so you should be careful with the products you use. Heavily scented items can cause irritation, which needs to be avoided at all costs after a wax. Your skin is already trying to heal, and you should do all you can to help! Stick to gentle, unscented or lightly scented products. And if you feel any sort of burning sensation or discomfort, hold off for another few days to give your skin all the time it needs to recover.

Keep Your Pores Safe!

As mentioned before, the waxing process, however gentle the products are, can be a little traumatizing to your skin and leave it more susceptible to infection. For that reason, try to avoid any activities that would cause any further irritation to your skin. This can include submersing yourself in baths or pools, directly exposing your skin to the sun, and picking or intensely scratching the waxed area. This gives your skin and pores time to settle down without any added irritation!

Find The Right Wax Accessories For You With PLA’s Nue Wax Line

Hard wax, soft wax, underarms, legs, Brazilian wax — no matter the wax service, wax aftercare is key in ensuring the health and longevity of your freshly waxed skin. Our passion doesn’t end at providing you with the best quality wax supplies. We also want to educate you and your clients about how to use them so you can have the best waxing experience possible! 

If you have any questions about the PLApro Nue Wax Line or any of our other waxing tools, feel free to reach out! Happy waxing, everyone!