5 Tips to Take Care of Your Adhesive

Once you find the right bottle of adhesive, it’s important to take care of it! All adhesives are good while opened for 4 to 6 weeks, but it’s crucial that you take care of the bottle to make it last through all your appointments. Today we have five tips to get the most out of your eyelash extension adhesive.

1. Shake Adhesive for Two Minutes

Do you ever feel like your adhesive just isn’t working for you? Maybe the lashes are popping off? Maybe you were attempting to apply the extension to the natural lash and it’s slipping/swiping off?

These are common issues lash artists encounter and it is often a very simple fix. Be sure you are shaking your adhesive for two full minutes before dispensing it for use at the start of your day, and again for at least one minute before every drop. Adhesive has an ingredient called stabilizer in it, and if it is not shaken up thoroughly, you may be dispensing mostly stabilizer and not actual adhesive. 

#PLAQuickTip: Take the cap off of your adhesive and cover the nozzle with an adhesive foil wipe or a lint-free cotton pad. Covering the top while you shake it prevents the adhesive from being leaked into the cap and causing a clogged nozzle.

You can often tell if your adhesive was not shaken enough by how the glue dot looks when dispensed. A perfect little dome-shaped bubble should form! If you dispense your glue and it runs into a puddle, you need to shake your adhesive longer. Check out our TikTok here for a visual of what happens if you shake your glue for 30 seconds, one minute, or two full minutes. Mind blown!

2. Burp Your Adhesive Bottle

Air bubbles can get into our bottle of adhesive or be trapped in the nozzle, so it is important to “burp” your bottle. This simply means giving the bottle a gentle, slow squeeze (with the cap off) and allowing the air bubbles to seep out. Click here to watch a demo on this tip!

3. Clean Nozzle After Dispensing

After dispensing your adhesive from the bottle, it is critical that you clean the nozzle by wiping the tip off with a piece of foil or lint-free cotton pad just as we mentioned above. If you do not do this, it can lead to a clogged nozzle or dried adhesive can build up in your cap or on the nozzle. Click here to watch a short video on how to do this.

4. Store Opened Adhesive in an Airtight Container 

Our fourth tip is to store your adhesive in an airtight adhesive container. The airtight container can extend the shelf life of your adhesive by keeping it in a controlled environment. Our adhesive container is vacuum-sealed and holds three adhesive bottles. The container fully protects your adhesive from humidity and it sucks out the air when the cap is pushed down.  Most importantly, keep your container in a room temperature setting, away from direct sunlight exposure or UV rays.

Adhesive Holder

5. Store Unopened Adhesive Properly

Did you snag an extra adhesive during a sale? Unopened adhesive can be safely kept for six months if stored correctly. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to six months, unopened, but it’s important that you let your adhesive naturally come to room temperature before use. Do not place it near a heater or outside to speed up the process!

Secondly, you can store unopened adhesive in a dark cupboard or in an airtight adhesive holder for up to 6 weeks, but if you don’t have plans to use it before then, put it in your fridge!

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Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!