Leave Your Clients Feeling More Beautiful Than Ever With Our Hydrogel Masks!

Don’t let dry skin prevent your clients from looking and feeling their best - with our premium selection of hydrogel masks, you can restore moisture and attain that natural, youthful glow your clients are asking for!

Just because you’re a lash tech, doesn’t mean you have to stay in one lane. If you have clients who come in for lash extensions, you can offer these masks as an extra service and become known as the go-to salon for all things beauty! 

Our hydrogel facial masks are unlike anything else on the market. While you may know us as the leading lash supply wholesaler, we also take skincare seriously!

If you already have an existing client base, you can start expanding the beauty services you offer by getting into the facial game. 

Why Use Hydrogel Masks Instead Of Typical Facial Ingredients?

These hydrogel masks make giving your clients a quality, relaxing facial easier than ever. Instead of using multiple products for a traditional facial, simply mix our hydrogel solution, apply with a hydrogel brush, and allow the mask to solidify on your client’s face while you complete their lash extension service!

This is a great service addition, without taking extra time, or causing extra messes!

Why Buy Hydrogel Facial Masks At PLA?

If you’re an esthetician looking to expand your offerings and begin doing hydrogel face masks, there is only one place you should source your inventory though: PLA.

Simply put, nobody offers a better selection at such low prices. Through our wholesale program, you’ll unlock rock-bottom pricing that makes your service as affordable for your client, and profitable for you, as possible.

The Different Types Of Hydrojelly Masks We Offer

The best part about sourcing your hydrojelly masks through Paris Lash Academy is the different options we offer. In turn, you’re able to offer a range of options to your clientele - so you can always keep things fresh!

With seven different choices, you can pinpoint the exact effects your client is hoping to achieve. Some of these are great for offering moisturization, brightness, complexion, hydration, you name it - there is a hydrojelly mask that offers it. Here are the options we have as of now:

  • Poor Me A Glass Of Rose
  • Aloe There Sunshine
  • Remember Your Roots
  • Call the Repairman
  • Live, Love, Laughvender
  • Cheer Up Cherie
  • Gold Digger

Not sure which to try? We currently offer 100 g sample packs, or our large 900 g containers.

What Is Included In Our Hydro Gel Facial Mask Kits?

Our kits come with everything you need to provide this facial service to your clients. This of course contains the mask ingredients itself, which vary from product to product, but also everything you need to bring the mask to life:

  • Silicone Spatula - using the included spatula allows for quick, efficient mixing of the powder and water. 
  • Silicone Bowl - it sounds simple, but using a 100% food-grade silicone bowl is really important when mixing your mask before application.
  • Silicone Brush - the brush is used to actually apply the mix to your client’s face. Our brushes are gentle and safe, to ensure a soothing experience for the client.

So, what are you waiting for? Our hydrogel facial masks are the simplest way to start expanding your services as an esthetician and provide your clients with a hydrating beauty formula that has them asking to book their next appointment before you’re even finished.