The American Lash Association: Resources, Education, and Unity for Lash Artists Everywhere

While lashing professionally can be highly rewarding, lucrative, and enjoyable, we also know that lash artists can feel isolated and overwhelmed by their career. They might struggle to create long-lasting relationships with their colleagues or not know where to turn for professional resources for their businesses.

To combat this, the American Lash Association has stepped up to become an all-encompassing support system for lash artists who don’t always feel completely encouraged by their industry.

Let’s learn a little more about the ALA, what they do to help lash artists, and how you can become a member and reap the rewards!

What is the ALA?

The ALA, created in 2022 by Michelle Davies, is a network of lash artists, beauty professionals, and other industry resources who have united to form the best support system possible.

After watching her daughter’s lashing journey, it became apparent to Michelle that lash artists often have difficulties figuring out how to advance their careers, especially without safety nets other professions might have. So, she decided to build the ALA to help lash artists everywhere become part of a community that supports, uplifts, and educates them on their journeys.

Read more about the story of the ALA here!

What is the ALA Leadership Council?

Aside from their slew of information and resources, the ALA also has a council that promotes the professional standards they believe in. Each individual on the council is an expert in their field and is dedicated to upholding the ALA’s agenda. 

Our very own CEO Michelle Nguyen knew PLA and the ALA were a match made in heaven — high-quality education, community, and providing resources are all essential to both. So she was so excited to be a recent addition to the Leadership Council and is thrilled to be able to reach and help even more lash artists. Michelle sees the ALA as the community she wishes she had as a beginner lash artist and is honored to get this opportunity to give back to the lash industry.

How does the ALA support lash artists?

Rather than teaching technical lash courses, the ALA is a lash group that focuses on some of the less concrete skills that lash artists should have in their arsenal to support them on their journeys. 

By belonging to the ALA community, you will instantly get access to some of the most beneficial resources and information available to lash artists anywhere.

ALA Member Benefits

ALA members are part of an interconnected community of like-minded individuals from all over the lashing world. No longer will you feel isolated or lost!

Membership benefits include:

  • An extensive on-demand education library
  • Discounts on Quickbooks, CosmoGlo, UPS Shipping, Tax Prep Services, and more
  • Digital downloads, forms, and templates
  • Affordable liability and disability insurance
  • Mental health support through BetterHelp
  • Quarterly ALA Magazine
  • Community support and mentorship opportunities
  • Monthly live business webinars

That’s not even all! Visit the ALA’s membership page to see the full details of membership benefits. 

A standard membership is just $84 a year, and students get a 35% discount! 

We’ve got a couple extra bonuses for our loyal customers!

  • PLA customers can purchase a membership for 25% off with code “PLA25” 
  • If you’re already an ALA member, you can receive a permanent PLA discount with code “ALAPLA25” after contacting our customer service team,, to be put on the list

So if you haven’t heard of the ALA yet, now’s the time to take advantage. With an extensive amount of resources, education, and supportive peers and mentors, the benefits basically speak for themselves. We are proud to be a part of the ALA and stand by their message wholeheartedly. 

Best of luck to all of our fellow lash artists out there — but with an ALA membership, you’ll barely need it!