Must Haves for Your Lash Room

Hey there, Lash Kings and Queens! One of the most exciting parts of your lash journey will probably be setting up your lash room! Designing a space for you and your clients is fun yet a critical moment in your career. The room needs to be comfortable, inviting, and practical for you to do your job. Today we have five Must Haves for Your Lash Room from your go-to lash extensions supplier!

Good Lighting

It would be very difficult to do our job without good lighting. The last thing we want to do is strain our eyes and cause future health and eyesight problems. Setting up good lighting in your lash room will lead you to years of success. The thin, little lashes we work with daily can be difficult to see sometimes! Therefore, try out our lighting hack below to be sure there is no lash left behind.

Our owner, Michelle, personally loves a ring light the most. In our Paris lash Academy studio, we have 18 inch ring lights! Other popular light sources are the GlamCor lights, as well as the new CosmoGlo light. 

#PLAQuickTip: With our job, we are hyper-focused on a small area for an extended period of time, causing strain. Michelle, our owner, recommends having two lights! One on each side of your lash table or recliner. Having two lights helps prevent shadows being cast onto one side so you have an even view the entire duration of the appointment. 


A hygrometer is a small device you place in your lash room to read your room’s humidity level and temperature. Our adhesive is dependent on certain conditions making this tool a must have! You can grab one for under $10 on Amazon!

Click here to see our TikTok on why hygrometers are vital to your lash room!

Cleaning/Sanitizing Supplies

One of the most important parts of our job is to be sure we are properly cleaning and sanitizing all of our tools and supplies daily. Having proper sanitation equipment is critical to our line of work. The beauty industry has high expectations and standards set forth by the state boards to ensure our clients are taken care of and that there is minimal to zero risk for contamination or infection. 

Here are a few cleaning items we suggest having in your lash room:

  • Cavi or Barbicide Wipes 
  • Barbicide Jar with diluted Barbicide solution
  • Cavi Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Paper Towels
  • Disposable bed coverings to change between clients (such as disposable bibs)
  • A tool sterilizer or autoclave 

Be sure to always check your state board requirements in your location. These are our suggestions but each state is different! You can usually find these standards and guidelines on your state board of cosmetology website. 

Storage, Storage, Storage!

We don’t know about you, but lash supplies take over our lives! It is important to have your items stored correctly to meet your State Board requirements and to keep them clean.

You can watch our TikTok on storage ideas here! Below are a few storage ideas for you to help:

Humidifier or Dehumidifier

Another vital tool to have ready in your room is either a humidifier or dehumidifier. As we mentioned above with the hygrometer, our humidity levels have to be specific to meet our adhesive’s needs. Weather changes all the time, meaning we have to have the equipment ready to be adaptable to our environment. If you work in a low humidity environment, kick on the humidifier before your first appointment to bring the levels up. Watch your hygrometer so you can monitor the level so it doesn’t get too high! The opposite is true if you have high humidity conditions. Turn on the dehumidifier to match your adhesive requirements. 

We hope today’s tips help give you some starting points for organizing your lash supplies and setting up your lash room! It is an exciting time when the room comes together and you create your new, special place. Best of luck, Kings and Queens!