Valentine’s Day Nail Inspo From PLA

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, and clients will be rushing into the salons to make sure their nails are done ahead of the special day. Whether they want to look good for a partner or just for some self love, you’ll want to have some nail art ideas ready to go for the holiday rush. 

PLA: Your Professional Nail Supply Store 

Stock up on all your favorite pinks, red and purple gel nail polish colors or lacquer nail polish ahead of Valentine’s Day with PLA! Don’t get caught unprepared and check out these head-over-heels nail designs we came up with using our own gel nail products below.


Disney nail art made by PLA

The Happiest Place On Earth is known for romantic proposals – be ready this Valentine’s Day with this Disney nail art made with PLA gel nail polish!

Valentine's Day nails made by PLA

Nothing feels like love more than a fantastic nail set – your clients will love these Valentine’s Day nails this season!

Valentine's Day nail ideas from PLA

Valentine’s Day nail ideas are in the air at PLA – our Nail Liner collections would be perfect for more intricate designs like this one!

Simple Valentine's Day - Heart Nail Design by PLA

Sometimes, you can’t beat simple Valentine’s Day nails – it’s truly a classic!

Valentine's Day Heart Nail Design by PLA

That being said, good ol’ fashioned Valentine’s Day heart nails are sure to be a fan favorite amongst your clients.

Valentine's Day nail art by PLA

Groovy, 60s and 70s inspired style is making a comeback in recent years – stay on top of the trend with this dreamy Valentine’s day nail art! 

Bling Valentine's Day Nails by PLA

Sometimes clients just want that bling – add some nail gems to these pink Valentine’s Day nails for that sparkle they’re looking for!

Rose nail design by PLA

If you’re more of a flowers and chocolate kind of gal, this rose nail design is sure to leave you feeling elegant for the romantic day!

French Tip Valentine's Day Nails from PLA

These Valentine's Day nail designs will leave you signing Xs and Os for the special day!

Cherry Nails by PLA

Sweet as a cherry and twice as cute -- these Valentine's Day nails are never tart!

Valentine's Nails with Gems by PLA

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go. That's why these simple Valentine's Day nails are great for date night and beyond!

Pink Valentine's Day nails by PLA

Pink Valentine's Day nails are always going to be in. Bling it up with some of our nail gems to give it a little sparkle!

Valentine's Day Nails with Gems by PLA

If you want to feel like the Queen of Hearts this Valentine's Day, check out this red Valentine's Day nail design above. 

Heart Nails for Valentine's Day by PLA

Heart nail designs for Valentine's Day are a classic -- get creative and think outside the box!

Flame Valentine's Day nails by PLA

Flame Valentine's Day nails are red hot -- and so is PLA's gel nail polish! 

Love Valentine's Day Nails from PLA

Like the beat of our hearts, this Valentine's Day nail design is sure to stop them in their tracks! 

Black Valentine's Day Nails by PLA

You can make black Valentine's Day nail designs like the one above for those clients that like to walk on the darker side too!

The Nail Art Store Of Your Dreams: PLA!

If you want to browse more of our pro nail supply, you can buy our nail polish in bulk as well! Our Movies We Love Nail Polish Collection is perfect for Valentine’s Day, with all the classic pink nail colors, as well as reds, purples and more. And if you don't want to commit to an entire collection, we now have a Valentine's Day Mini Gel Polish or Nail Lacquer Collection too!

Sending you all the love from PLA!