Protecting Your Lash Extensions For Maximum Retention

While we all love lashes here, we also know they are a fairly large investment of both your time and money. That’s why it’s so important to put effort into taking care of them!

In this blog, we’ll get into the importance of protecting your lash extensions and how doing so will affect your lash retention. Plus, you’ll find a few easy tips for your fresh set of lashes as well!

What Is Lash Retention?

Lash extensions fall off over time — this is normal and actually healthy for your natural lashes. Extensions are applied to individual natural lashes, meaning that just one extension or fan is adhered to the base of the lash. So, when it’s time for that natural lash to shed as part of its growth cycle, the extension should fall off as well.

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So as for a lash retention definition — it refers to the quantity of extensions that are still on the lashes when you come in for a fill. Retention can be affected by many factors, including the adhesive your lash artist uses, your skin type, or if you exercise a lot, to name a few. 

Why Should You Protect Your Lash Extensions?

There are so many reasons why it’s imperative to properly protect and care for your lash extensions. Let’s go over a few!

The Investment in Time and Money

We all know it takes both time and money to get extensions. Each lash appointment can be a few hours and cost over $100. Even from a purely financial standpoint, your lashes are a huge investment that you definitely want to protect. 

Plus, the more you protect your lashes from the harsh environment, the longer you can go before getting a fill! 

Preserving Lash Health

A lash extension service is already a little bit risky — you’re letting someone near your closed eyes with sharp tweezers and flammable adhesive! Plus, inexperienced artists can sometimes struggle with proper isolation and adhesive use. (This shouldn’t scare you away; great lash artists are aware of these risks and work to mitigate them, so make sure you’re seeing a professional.)

When you take the time to protect your lashes after the service, you are helping your lashes stay healthy and safe after a long lash appointment. Poorly applied extensions can damage your natural lashes; if you’ve already put effort into seeking professional, experienced lash artists, make sure you don’t throw that away by neglecting your lashes. 

Maximizing Retention

The longer you can go before a fill appointment, the more time and money you can save! You can usually go about 2 weeks between fills, but with the proper care and protection, you can retain more lashes and likely go a little longer!

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Tips for Protecting Eyelash Extensions

Wondering how to keep your lashes from harm? Here are some simple tips for looking after them.

No Touching!

And we mean it!

This might be the most important part of protecting your lashes. Apart from the physical stress that rubbing, pinching, or scratching can do, the oils from your fingers can also impact retention.

Excess stress on your lashes can cause them to fall out prematurely or even get irritated. So resist the urge to pull, rub, or pick, and if you’re experiencing itchiness or discomfort, let your lash artist know.

Clean Your Lashes Every Day

Are you cleaning your lashes every day? Do your clients know to go home and get their lashes squeaky clean? This is another crucial aspect of protecting your lashes. If you’re not cleaning your lashes every day, dust, dirt, oil, and makeup will start to build up — yuck! This also creates the perfect environment for lash mites to proliferate (not a good thing). So make sure to use a lash cleanser and lash brushes daily to get rid of any buildup. 

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings and Environment

This one can be a little trickier, as you might not be aware of all the activities that can affect your lashes. 

Some are obvious, like avoiding swimming, saunas, and other highly wet activities directly after your lash appointment. However, once your lashes are fully cured, you can feel free to swim and soak to your heart’s content!

But did you know that since lashes are essentially plastic, they can be warped by high heat? We recommend avoiding standing directly in front of open ovens and trying not to use your hair dryer on high for long periods of time. 

It can be hard to avoid all of these situations, but just being mindful of your surroundings can go a long way in keeping your lashes safe and beautiful!

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Proper care and protection are the cornerstones of maintaining beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions. Remember, investing a little time and effort into aftercare now will pay off with lashes that stay looking their best between appointments. 

We’re always here to help with any lash questions you might have!