Our Top Tips For Amazing Lash Retention

Retention, retention, retention. This is one of the most frequently asked about topics in the lashing world, and it’s easy to see why. After all, if you’ve put all that work into a gorgeous new set, you probably want the extensions to stay on for as long as possible!

Lash retention depends on a variety of factors, some of which are your responsibility as a lash artist and some fall on your client. Keep reading for a quick overview of retention and our favorite tips and tricks to keep the lashes you just completed looking as amazing as ever!

What is Lash Extension Retention?

Chances are that even the lash artists who are just beginning their journey know what retention is. But for those who don’t, here’s a quick reminder!

Eyelash extension retention refers to how long the extensions stay on the lashes after application. Longer retention is generally the goal, as no one wants their hours of hard work to fall off in a day or two! 

So what can you do to ensure optimal retention? Let’s get into our most important tips that will help you and your client keep those lashes on as long as possible.

Lash Retention Issues & How To Fix Them 

Lash Retention Tips For Artists

While you can’t control everything, there are some things you can do to help boost your retention!


You need to thoroughly cleanse your client’s lashes before every set. Improper cleansing can definitely impact retention. If any oils, debris, or leftover makeup are left on the lashes before application, your adhesive won’t be able to cure properly on the lash.

Safe Lashing

Not all lashes are the same. Your clients will come in with various lash lengths, strengths, and thicknesses, and it’s your job to use appropriate extensions for each of them. If you use extensions or fans that are too heavy, your retention can suffer.

Improper Placement or Isolation

The placement of the extensions will affect how well it adheres to the natural lash. If the base of the extension isn’t properly adhered to the lash, it has a much higher chance of falling off. 

Additionally, each lash needs to be completely isolated before application. Make sure the lash is separated from any neighboring lashes (including tiny immature lashes). Improper isolation can lead to sticking, which is uncomfortable, and can result in poor retention.

Best Lash Glue For Retention 

Perhaps the most important of all – your adhesive. After all, how else will your extensions stick to the lashes? It’s so important to understand your adhesive and choose the right option for you.

Very briefly, lash extension adhesive works by using the moisture in the air around you to cure, or harden. This is why your humidity and temperature affect how quickly adhesive cures. For a more thorough breakdown of how adhesive works, check out our adhesive blog!

This is also why choosing your adhesive shouldn’t just be an afterthought. Each adhesive has a slightly different optimal temperature and humidity range, and the wrong adhesive will either cure too quickly or slowly. Either of these will cause retention issues down the line, so make sure you are putting a bit of thought into which adhesive you choose.

Lash Retention Tips For Clients

Of course, a lot of the responsibility falls on the lash artist. However, your clients can also do their part to keep their lashes healthy and improve retention! Consider discussing these tips with your clients at your next lash appointment.

Skin Type

Oily, dry, combination — your client can’t actually control their skin type, but they can (and should) let you know ahead of time or during a consultation what kind of skin they have. For example, clients with oily skin might experience slightly worse retention, as their natural oils can break down the adhesive. You might need to cleanse them extra thoroughly or use a primer, and set expectations about their retention.

Skin type should definitely be part of your consultation so you can develop a lashing plan that works for each client’s specific needs. 


Another way your clients can help their lashes last longer is to practice proper lash aftercare. We suggest that you go through lash aftercare with your clients and help them understand why it’s so important.

While the actual steps might vary from artist to artist, we recommend the following tips:

  • No steam, saunas, excessive sweating, or facials for 8 hours
  • Wash the lashes every day with an antibacterial cleanser
  • Brush the lashes multiple time a day
  • No waterproof mascara or eyeliner (best to avoid eye makeup in general)
  • No oil-based products near the eyes

How To Get Better Lash Retention With PLA’s Tips!

We know that retention is a hot topic in the lash industry. It can be discouraging to see your hard work falling off in just a few days. However, as you just read, there are multiple ways to boost retention and help the lashes last as long as possible. 

So if you or your clients are experiencing poor retention, never fear! Take a deep breath and go through all your steps again to see where you might have gone wrong. And you can always reach out to us with your retention questions! We love helping our fellow lash artists grow and succeed.

Best of luck and happy lashing!

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Cover Photo provided by lash artist Alyssa Pucket, with excellent retention using PLA Fusion Adhesive.