PLA Retail Discount Program and How To Up Your Retail Game

As a lash artist, your main priority is helping your clients feel and look their best. However, lash extensions are just one way of doing so! If you haven’t already started to retail products to your clients during or after a service, you’re missing out big time on a way to both increase client satisfaction and make a bit more money. It might sound a little intimidating to start focusing on sales more, but with the right tips and tricks, you can definitely start to expand your business by including retail! Keep reading for some quick ways to start including more products, a few sales tips, and more information on the PLA Retail Discount Program! 

Why Is It Important to Focus On Retail?

While it’s true that being a skilled lash artist is the most important aspect of having a successful lash business, there are other ways to bring in more clients and increase their loyalty. One of these is using and selling professional and effective products! When your clients can see that you use only the best products, they will trust that you know exactly what you’re doing and will continue to come back for more services. Let’s get into how exactly you can use retail to bring your lash business to the next level. 

How You Can Start Incorporating Retail Into Your Lash Business

First things first — you’ll definitely have to put in a bit of effort if you really want to get things moving. Just putting products on a shelf and mentioning them once probably isn’t going to cut it. So, let’s break down a few important tips that should help you bump up your sales!

Choosing And Using Your Products

Get To Know Your Products: Clients can tell when you’re just trying to pawn products onto them, so make sure that you are only retailing items that you personally know and love. Test them out, use them during services, and understand how they all work. Trying out multiple products will also help you be able to explain why one is better than the other if clients ask about them. So being genuine and only using your favorite products is a great first step.

Avoid The Sunk Cost Fallacy: Just because you’ve been trying and trying to sell something for a while doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. Maybe you’ve noticed that a certain product just hasn’t been catching anyone’s eye lately. That’s fine! All it means is that you should swap it out and try something else instead of feeling like you’re stuck with it forever. This will help you bring in fresh products, rather than feeling weighed down by something that isn’t working for you anymore.

Physical Presentation

Create An Eye-Catching Display: This can be fun! Find your personal brand and make sure your room brings it to life. You can use testers that invite clients to browse and shop around (just make sure to keep everything sanitary!). From minimalist black-and-white to mesmerizing sparkles, your own aesthetic should call out to your clients and make them feel at-home, relaxed, and welcome.

Keep Browsing and Checkout Simple: Make sure that your products are put in places where clients will easily see them! If they have to search around or ask you where to find certain items, it just adds one more step to the entire sales process. Same goes for checkout! If the client is waiting around to buy something, the chances that they’ll just put the products back goes way up. So take some time to invest in a professional checkout and payment system that makes the entire process a breeze.

#PLAQuickTip: make your clients entire shopping experience streamlined with their appointments, and have a system in place where they can purchase products when they pay for their services!

Client Interaction

Add In Some Freebies: Who doesn’t love bonus gifts? Throwing in some cute free items is a great way to get indecisive clients to make their purchase! These can be anything from face masks to makeup bags, and you can add these in any way you want. Maybe clients get a gift with their first purchase or when they buy $40 worth of products — it’s up to you! 

Use It Or Lose It: A great way to increase sales is to use the products during your service so the clients can actually see how well they perform. Show off a new headband while you’re prepping them or offer them a drink in a personalized tumbler! If the client loves what they see, they’ll be far more tempted to grab one on their way out.

Listen To And Respect Your Clients: You buy things all the time, right? Have you ever felt pressured to make a purchase or like the retailer is just pushing you to buy as much as possible? That’s exactly how you don’t want to make your client feel. Make sure you are actively listening to their needs and making compromises when possible. If they can’t afford something right then, let them know that you understand and that they never have to make a purchase they don’t want. You can even offer to let them try something out for free (if it won’t cost you too much). This will help you retain their loyalty and build strong client relationships. 

Salon Retail Items

#PLAQuickTip: Put together a customized aftercare kit! This is a great way to reward clients for their loyalty and ensure that they will actually give their lashes the care they need after an extension service. This can include a sterile cleanser, headbands, lash wands, and much more!

PLA’s Top Retail Products

Here at PLA, we offer tons of useful and cute items that you can try out and incorporate into your own business! Let’s get into some of the best and easiest items to include.

  • Cleanser: Cleaning lash extensions regularly is so important! You can offer the PLA Sterile Cleanser to your clients as an easy way to remove excess oils, dirt, and debris that would otherwise reduce retention. Our cleanser is alcohol, paragon and sulphate free!
  • Brushes: Both the PLA Cleansing Brush and PLA Eyelash Brush Wands are great products to offer to your clients to help them keep their lashes clean and healthy. Cleansing and brushing the lashes every day is essential to maintain beautiful lashes.
  • Pillowcases: The PLA Silk Pillowcase, available in four colors, is another perfect addition to your retail products. Silk pillowcases are known to be softer on skin and hair and will not tug at lash extensions. Make sure your clients are aware that they can increase the longevity of their lashes just by switching out their pillowcase!

PLA Retail Discount Program

Cute Tumblers to Retail

And finally, let’s get into some exciting news! PLA is announcing its very own retail discount program! This means that when you buy 10 of any of the following products, you will get 3 more for free! This is an amazing way to try out a variety of useful, cute, and effective items that you can incorporate into your own retail business. Check out these products on our website!

The PLA Retail Discount Program will include the following items:

  • PLA Velocity Lash & Brow Serum, purchase 10 and save 40% off! Discount automatically applied.

  • PLA Swag, use code “RetailSwag” and buy any of the following items for BUY 10 GET 3 FREE:
  • PLA Headbands, use code “RetailHeadband” for Buy 10 Get 3 Free

Be sure to take advantage of our amazing retail discount program! You and your clients will benefit, so don’t hesitate to try out some products you’ve been eyeing for a while.

We hope that these tips will help and encourage you to either start retailing products or step up your sales game. And remember, we are always here for you with any questions and to help you on your lashing journey!