Perfect Your Manicures: Nail Drill Bits Guide

Nail drills and nail drill bits are essential tools in the world of nail care and art, designed to shape nails precisely and efficiently, tidy up the cuticles safely, and remove polishes gently. Using the right drill bits can make a significant difference in the quality of your work, whether you’re removing acrylics, shaping nails, or perfecting cuticles. 

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive nail drill bit guide so you can understand their uses and choose the best bits for your needs. 

What Are Nail Drill Bits?

Nail drill bits are specialized tools used with electric nail drills to perform a variety of tasks in nail care and art, such as shaping, smoothing, and removing nail polish. They come in various materials, including tungsten carbide, diamond, and ceramic, each offering different levels of durability and effectiveness. The shapes and grooves of nail drill bits cater to specific functions, from large surface work to detailed cuticle care. 

Common Types of Nail Drill Bits

There are quite a few different types of nail drill bits available to you. Let’s go over a step by step nail drill bit guide explaining all the bits we carry here at PLA so you can choose the best options for you!

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Drill Guide: Different Nail Drill Bits Explained

Sand Band Drill Bit

Material: Gold

Size: 3/32”

This is our most popular drill bit! It needs to be used with disposable sanding bands, which are available in 3 different grits. This bit is perfect for general nail surface work and removes gel polish, shine, and color.

Cuticle Drill Bit

Material: Tungsten carbide

Size: 3/32”

Also available in petite

The Cuticle Drill Bit easily removes non-living tissue around the nails to prep for a manicure without harming the skin or nail.

Smooth Drill Bit

Material: Diamond

Size: 3/32”

Also available in petite

Just like the name implies, this drill bit smooths out the nail for a perfectly even surface to work on. It can also remove calluses, gel polish, and nail gems!

Cuticle Care Drill Bit

Material: Tungsten carbide

Size: 3/32”

Also available in petite

The Cuticle Care Drill Bit efficiently and safely cleans up the cuticles prior to a manicure. The super-fine tip allows the bit to get close to the skin to create a neat, healthy surface.

Gel Polish Removal Drill Bit

Material: Tungsten carbide

Size: 3/32”

Make removing gel polish easier than ever with the Gel Polish Removal Drill Bit! This bit files off the top layer of gel polish, making the soaking process even quicker.

Gentle Gel/Dip Removal Drill Bit

Material: Tungsten carbide

Size: 3/32”

Have a client with weak or thinning nails? The design of this drill bit makes it a perfect candidate for removing gel or dip on clients with sensitive nails.

Acrylic/Gel Builder Removal Drill Bit

Material: Tungsten carbide

Size: 3/32”

As our most aggressive drill bit, this is a great choice for removing both acrylic and gel from the nails. It can also be used to remove other unwanted material on the nails or smooth out large bumps.

Tips For Using And Maintaining Your Drill Bits

Now that you’re more familiar with the various kinds of nail drill bits on the market, let’s go over a ​​step by step nail drill bit guide on how to use and clean your bits for the best results possible!

Properly Using Nail Drill Bits

Use The Right Drill Bit

Selecting the correct drill bit for each step of the manicure is crucial, both to get the best results and to keep the nails healthy. Refer to the explanations above when finding the right drill bit.

Start Off Slow

This is especially important when you’re still learning how to use a nail drill. Starting at a slow speed helps you understand how the drill works and avoid harming the natural nails. Make sure to also move slowly and use light pressure on the nail.

Prepare Yourself

Just like you should be careful not to harm your client’s nails using a drill, you should also prepare yourself! It’s usually a good idea to tie your hair back if it’s long and wear a mask to help filter out the dust from using a drill. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Nail Drill Bits

Remove Dust From Drill Bits

You’ll encounter a lot of dust during your manicure, so make sure to thoroughly wipe the bits off after using them. Some bits have lots of little crevices, so using small brushes to completely remove all dust is essential.

Sanitize Drill Bits

After wiping all the dust off the bits, you should properly clean them after every client. We recommend first cleaning them with warm soapy water and brushing them again. Then, you can disinfect them with acetone, isopropyl alcohol, or Barbicide.

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We hope this has been a helpful quick guide to the world of nail drill bits! There are definitely a lot of options, but once you’re familiar with the different bits and their uses, you’ll be able to select the best ones for your needs.