How To Make More Money As A Lash Artist

Although lashing might be your passion, that doesn’t mean you do it just out of the kindness of your heart. You need to make money as well! Lashing can be a lucrative career, but there are other ways to add in a little extra income too. Keep reading to get some info on easy ways to add in a bit more money to your lashing business!

More Than Pro Lash Supply: Have A Variety Of Skills

Many lash artists start out just by providing classic sets to their clients. While beautiful, they are also not the most popular and don’t always give that dramatic effect clients look for. Once you’re comfortable with classic lashing, you can begin learning more about the other types of sets and professional eyelash extension supplies!

Hybrid, volume, mega volume, and more! There are so many types of lashing you can offer to your clients to keep them coming back for more. These are also more in demand than classic sets, so you will most likely see more clients coming in for these sets. 

Providing more than one type of lash set is essential in building your business and bringing in more money. It’s a hassle for clients to go to more than one artist for their lashes, so they will naturally stick with someone who gives them a variety of options from their lash supply. You might even want to try out wispy sets or colored lashes to really make sure your portfolio will fit every client who walks in your door. 

More complicated lash sets like mega volume or wispy will also allow you to increase your prices, automatically giving you a little extra money. These sets take more time and are more involved, so you should make sure to set your prices reasonably for both you and your clients.

Offer Other Beauty Services

If you are comfortable with your lashing skills, it might be time to add in some other beauty services altogether! Often clients that come in for extensions are doing so to save time later in their morning routine, so you can ask them if they want to try out other time-saving services too. 

Here are a few different beauty services to consider adding to your repertoire!

  • Brow laminations are an easy add-on for clients that want another beauty service! They are quick and easy to master, and your clients will love how simple it makes their morning routine.
  • Hand massages can be added on at the beginning or end of the service. They are super relaxing and you can use a calming oil or exfoliant to really create a luxurious experience!
  • Hydrogel masks come in a wide range of varieties so you can customize them for each client. Try our  Aloe There Sunshine to add extra moisture or  Call The Repairman to help improve skin complexion! 

Use And Retail Quality Lash Extension Products

Don’t be afraid to start selling products! It can be daunting at first to branch out into retail sales, but it can really help you bring in bit more money. 

Be sure that the lash products you retail are the ones you use frequently and can vouch for. You don’t want your clients to feel like you are just pushing extra items onto them! If you use high-quality products that you know and love, you can feel confident in selling them to your clients. 

Feel free to get creative with this! You can put together aftercare kits so your clients will have everything they need to keep their lashes healthy and beautiful. Or you can offer cute accessories like tote bags, headbands, or keychains! 

Focus On Client Loyalty

Trust can be hard to build, so creating strong relationships with your clients is a must. You want them to feel comfortable around you, especially since you’re working around such a delicate part of their body! Trust will then lead to loyalty — who wants to find another lash artist if they already love the one they have? Once they know they can trust you and your work, your clients will keep coming back for fills and more! 

You should also be rewarding your clients for their loyalty. Using loyalty programs, points, or incentives will tempt them to keep coming back. Your clients will then spread the word and attract even more business to you! 

Branch Out Into Lash Classes And Mentorship

Once you’ve mastered your craft and are a professional lash artist, you can start training and teaching younger, less-experienced techs! This is especially important if you are running your own business and have professional experience you can share with others. You can put together your own lash extensions classes or just focus on one specific part of the lashing process and charge a fair price for it. 

This can be a great way to branch out into your community and form relationships with other artists as well. You’ll be able to learn from each other and share your knowledge, which helps everyone involved! The lashing business can be tricky and discouraging at times, so this is a fun way to support other lash artists and give back to the community. 

Find Lash Classes Near Me

We hope that you can make enough money as a lash artist, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Make sure you do all you can to support yourself as you go through your lashing journey! Remember as your one-stop-shop lash supplier, we are always here to help you with any questions you have. Whether you need wholesale eyelash supplies or are interested in working with us, we’re here to assist you through every step of your lash career. 

Happy lashing and good luck!