Three Must-Haves for Clients with Product Sensitivities

What do I do if a client has an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions? This is one of the most common questions in the industry. Unfortunately, allergic reactions happen to some clients - probably the worst allergy in the world, in our opinion! 

Neither the client nor the lash artist can ever predict if this will happen, but there are certain products we use to help reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions. 

  1. Adhesive

The most common cause of an allergy to eyelash extensions is the Carbon Black found in the adhesive. Carbon Black is one of the base ingredients found in adhesives, and is what makes the adhesive black. One of the best ways to minimize potential allergic reactions is to use a clear glue, as it does not contain Carbon Black.

Here at Paris Lash Academy we offer a clear glue called Halo! Halo is our first and only clear adhesive; it has been tested in multiple humidities and has worked great for all lash artists. Halo is one of our best adhesives for lower humidity environments. We offer Halo in a 5 mL bottle. It has a medium viscosity and a dry time of half a second to one second. The ideal humidity range for this adhesive is 20%-75%. 

Halo is a cruelty-free and vegan adhesive. Our products are never tested on animals! 

As stated before, choosing a clear adhesive can really help minimize potential allergic reactions to extensions. 

PLA Pro Tip: If a client expresses they have certain allergies to products near their eyes, or maybe seasonal allergies, consider doing a patch test before applying an entire full set. 

  1. Blue Tape 

Another must-have for your clients with sensitivities is our Sensitive Blue Tape. This tape is very gentle on the lashes and skin. Some clients can have allergies to the hydrogel found in certain eye pads or the adhesive used on other tapes. Sensitive Blue Tape can be applied by itself directly on the skin to hold down the bottom lashes, or it can overlay an eyepad. 

  1. Bonder

Our third must-have is our Supreme Bonder. Bonder is a great way to finish your lash sets and maximize retention! It cures the adhesive from the inside out, which significantly reduces the fumes from minimal to zero. Some clients can be sensitive to the fumes from our adhesive, so by using Bonder, you can significantly reduce the client’s fume exposure when they open their eyes, which really helps reduce redness! 

How to Apply Bonder: 

  1. After the final lash extension has been applied, wait 2-3 minutes before applying bonder.
  2. Use a microbrush to apply a small amount of bonder to the adhesive joint. Do not oversaturate. 
  3. Most importantly, let it sit for another two minutes before the client opens their eyes. Do not use a mister or your fan with Supreme Bonder.

Improper use, such as over-saturating, can weaken the bond, so be sure you watch our tutorial on how to use it correctly!

PLA Quick Tip: If you have a client that experiences an allergic reaction, the best advice we could give is to direct them to consult their physician. If it is a very mild reaction, you can safely do a removal and that often solves the problem. However, we are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice, such as recommending over-the-counter drugs or eyedrops. For the safety of your business, direct your client to consult their doctor and move forward from there. It is also a really great idea to include this in your consent forms! This lets clients know there are potential risks with getting lash extensions and that no one can predict if an allergic reaction will occur. Should an allergy happen, you are not held responsible.