Our Top 5 Lash Business Tips For Lash Techs in 2024

Looking to get your lash business soaring in 2024? Or maybe you’re just at the beginning of your journey and wondering how to start a lash business? It can be tricky to stay ahead of the curve in this industry, but there are some crucial factors that can help make the difference between your lash business and all the others out there. 

Here are our 5 top tips for elevating your lash business this year!

Keep Yourself Educated

Continuous improvement is key when it comes to reaching your full business potential. There are countless workshops, training programs, and classes to help you stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. 

We are so proud to offer a range of in person and online lash courses designed to help lash techs learn the basics of lashing, increase their skills and knowledge, and set themselves up for success in their lashing journey. 

As a lash artist, your expertise is your greatest asset, and clients appreciate professionals who are committed to excellence and always want to up their lashing game.

Create a Streamlined and Welcoming Client Experience

Just being a master lash tech isn’t the end all be all of having a successful business. If your clients don’t love the experience they have with you, the chances that they’ll return or refer a friend drop drastically.

It’s up to you to create a warm and inviting environment that prioritizes open communication and client comfort. This starts right when the client books with you — is it easy to see your availability? Can they ask for specialized services or provide you with extra information? All the little details truly add up and make a difference when you’re trying to keep your clients coming back for more.

Social Media: Build a Strong Online Presence

We all know that having a robust online presence is non-negotiable now. Without social media or a professional website showing off your work, clients are unlikely to either find your business or trust you. Start off by leveraging social media platforms to share your work, engage with potential clients, and build your brand. 

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or complicated — just being consistent with your posting and making sure all photos and videos are high quality will help you immensely. This is also where lash business names will have to be considered. Hard to remember or extremely long names are trickier; we recommend that you keep it simple and come up with something catchy and straightforward. 

Offer a Range of Specialized Services and Packages

Differentiate yourself by offering specialized lash services that cater to a variety of specific needs. Whether it’s specialty looks like wet sets or wispy lashes, lash lifts and brow lams, or customized consultations, you will start to attract a more diverse clientele than if you were only offering the standard classic and volume lashes. 

Also consider creating enticing packages or loyalty programs that encourage repeat customers and referrals. Maybe after their 5th appointment they get a free fill or a discount if a lash lift and brow lam are purchased together — anything you can do to make your business just a little different will help in the long run. Personalized experiences, fun specials, and discounted packages will set you apart in a highly saturated market.

Focus Local

When starting a lash business, you don’t have to worry about going viral or world domination right off the bat — focusing on your local market will help you create a strong foundation that can be expanded later on. This can be as easy as researching which hashtags you should be using, as generic hashtags like #volumelashes are not likely to attract any new customers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use those tags at all, but make sure you are supplementing them with local and community hashtags that people are more likely to actually search for.

You can also look at your local competition to make sure you have priced yourself in the sweet spot. It isn’t great to be the cheapest or the most expensive option — check out our blog all about how to price your lash business!

PLA: Helping You Get Your Lash Extensions Business Off The Ground

Embarking on a journey as a lash artist in 2024 requires a combination of skill, innovation, and a strategic business mindset. By mastering your craft, building a strong online presence, offering specialized services, prioritizing client experience, and competing locally, you can position yourself for success in the lash industry. Stay inspired, stay creative, and watch your lash business flourish!