Lash Extension Aftercare For A Vacation

It’s getting warmer outside, and summer is just around the corner. More and more of your clients will be taking trips and vacations — and that means they will likely want extensions before they leave. Having lash extensions during a vacation is a great idea, as they can decrease your client’s prep time in the mornings and keep them looking their best all day long.

However, there are a few considerations to remind your client of before they get their lashes done for a trip (especially if it’s their first time). Let’s get into how you can prepare your client for the best lash extension experience on their trips!

Why Is Aftercare For Lash Extensions Important On Vacation?

Well, it’s important to care for your extensions, period. But especially on vacation!

Vacations are often taken in areas that have different climates than your clients are used to and where you work. While that might not seem important, the environment, temperature, and humidity can really affect extensions and retention. With spring here and summer coming up quickly, your clients will likely be heading off to hot, humid vacation spots to enjoy the weather. Without proper care, the extreme climate can weaken the adhesive bonds, resulting in premature lash fallout.

Let’s get into the specifics of lash extension aftercare, especially on vacation!

4 Tips For Lash Extensions Aftercare On Vacation

Schedule the appointment a week or so before the trip

While modern lash adhesives don’t need a full 24 hours to cure like they used to, it’s still a good idea to schedule the lash appointment a week before (or just a couple days if your client has had lashes before) your client takes a trip. This helps your client get used to the lashes, especially if this is their first time getting them done. Plus, if they end up having a reaction of some kind, it’s not too late for you to help them. 

Bring cleanser + brushes

Just because your client is on vacation doesn’t mean they get to forget about cleaning their lashes! In all honesty, it’s probably even more important to keep the lashes clean on vacation than during your normal day to day life. Your client will likely be out and about throughout their trip, encountering lots of different environments and participating in many activities. Whether it’s sand from a beach or dust and debris from hiking, daily cleansing and thorough brushing will help keep the extensions clean and healthy.

An easy way to help remind them to clean and brush their lashes is to hand out some sort of lash aftercare kit. This can contain a cleanser, multiple brushes, and a lash aftercare card with instructions about how to take care of their lashes.

Be mindful of sunscreen and extreme heat

Sunscreen is a must, especially on vacation. However, you should remind your client to avoid the eye area when applying it. Sunscreens tend to be quite oily, which can break down the lash adhesive bonds. So while sunscreen on the face is fine, your client should wear sunglasses and hats to protect their eye area and avoid getting sunscreen in their lashes.

Also, extreme heat like campfires and saunas can be harsh on the lashes. While they don’t need to be avoided at all costs, your client should be mindful of how close they are to extreme heat sources. Extensions are made of high quality plastic, but they can still be warped by direct heat.

Consider goggles while swimming

While your client can definitely swim with lashes on, continuous swimming in chlorinated water can be detrimental to lashes. If pools cannot be avoided, suggest that your client wear goggles in the water to protect their eyes and lashes. 

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We all love taking vacations! And extensions can help elevate the vacation experience, reducing the need for makeup in the morning and helping you look fresh all day long. As a lash artist, just make sure to remind your clients that there are a few things they can do to help their lashes stay on as long as possible — hopefully through their entire trip!