Preparing Your Client’s For Their First Lash Appointment

Do you remember your first date or what it is like to go on that initial first date? It can be exciting, but also very nerve-racking! You’re meeting a new person, making a good first impression, trusting them, asking lots of questions. This is most likely how a brand new client will feel for their first lash appointment!

They are meeting you for the very first time. They are trusting you to take good care of them. You want the clientele, so the pressure is on for a great first impression: professionally and aesthetically!

Here are our PLA tips on how to handle lash appointment etiquette and a new client before, during, and after their first appointment!

What to Expect Before Your Lash Appointment?

We want our clients to be as prepared as possible for their first set of lashes! You as an artist need them ready to go when they come in so you can maximize your time and do your best work! We recommend:

  • Send your client a text, or the graphic below, ahead of time to set lash appointment policies.
    • No caffeine right before the appointment.
    • Wear a mask!
    • Dress comfortably and bring a jacket (lots of clients get chilly)
    • Come with a fresh, clean face. No makeup around the eyes.
  • Arrive on time! Emphasize the importance of punctuality to a new client so no time is wasted and every minute is spent lashing!
  • Ask your client to send you an inspo pic ahead of time or bring one to the appointment! Check out our Instagram for inspiration photos if needed.
  • Optional: This isn’t mandatory, but if necessary you can always do a consultation first to be sure the client is ready for the appointment.

What To Expect During?

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate! Communication is key during a client’s very first appointment.

Step One is cleansing, so let your clients know what you are doing. Make sure they are comfortable lying down, then proceed step by step and walk them through it.

  • Ex: “To get started I’m going to cleanse the area; so I’ll have you close your eyes for me girl and you’ll feel me gently cleaning your lashes.”

Step Two is under eye pads and taping; let your client know you’re applying these to protect their bottom lashes. Explaining why you are doing what you’re doing can be calming for the client. It’s always good to educate new clients!

  • Ex: “Now I’m going to apply some under eye pads as well as some tape. This is just to protect your bottom lashes from sticking to the top ones and so no product gets on your skin.”

Step three is mapping, so be sure you’ve reviewed the style and desired outcome with the client prior. If you choose to map on the eye pad like most lash artists, let them know that’s what you’re doing.

  • Make sure the eye pads are comfortable for the client, then you can say, “Based on the desired look we’re doing for you, you’re going to feel me marking a couple of spots on the eye pad real quick. This is a visual for me as I work with different lengths. They’re going to look so beautiful on you!”

Finally, step four is to start lashing! Remind your client at this point to ensure they keep their eyes closed all the way for the duration of the appointment. It is also good to let them know this should be a relaxing experience, and if anything should feel uncomfortable to have them tell you so you can make adjustments.

  • Ex: “Alright babe, we’re getting started. As we progress, if anything becomes uncomfortable please let me know! I can always make adjustments to be sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.”

How Long Do Lash Appointments Take?

It all depends on the health of your lashes and the kind of set you’re getting, but you need to expect at least two hours for your first time getting lashes. Fills will be dependent on your retention, but we would recommend sectioning out the same amount of time just in case. Make sure to book your lash appointment with plenty of time to spare – make it a self care day! 

What To Expect After?

Lash extension aftercare is vital so be sure these instructions are communicated thoroughly to your client:

  • Send them home with an aftercare kit. Be sure the aftercare instructions are in the bag on a lash extension aftercare card, or you can text them to a client for reference.
    • Avoid oils
    • Do not get wet for 4 hours after appointment
    • Avoid steam rooms/saunas/etc.
  • Clean lashes 1-2x a day to avoid any build up of oils, debris, makeup, etc.
  • No picking or pulling on the extensions. If anything should feel uncomfortable, itchy, or painful, contact your lash tech!
  • Explain the natural lash shedding process so they understand 2-5 naturals can fall out each day so it is normal to lose a few everyday.
  • Additionally, explain why and when fills are needed. Be sure your infill policy is clearly communicated to a brand new client.
  • Encourage them to book their fill in 2-3 weeks to maintain their beautiful new set!

Overall, communication is key on that “first date.” As long as we walk our clients through the process, everything should go smoothly. Happy Lashing, Queens!

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