Sanding Bands

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Band Grit

The PLA Sanding Bands, when paired with the Sand Band Drill Bit, are perfect for a wide variety of manicure needs! Available in 3 different grits, each sand band can be used for a different step in your next professional manicure service.

#80 Sanding Band: Coarse grit, great for controlling the thickness of gel or acrylics, or to change the shape and length of acrylics or overlays

#150 Sanding Band: Medium grit, perfect for blending tips, surface work, and general shaping or smoothing of gel or acrylics

#180 Sanding Band: Fine grit, used to shape and prep natural nails and cuticles before beginning product application (best used on lower speed)

Sanding Bands cannot be disinfected and must be disposed of after used.

Fast Facts:

  • Available in 3 grits: #80, #150, or #180
  • Useful for shaping both natural nails and gel or acrylics
  • For best results use with PLA Sand Band Drill Bit
  • Dispose after each use
  • Count: 100 pieces per container