PLA ProMade Lashes — 2.0 (front of open lash box and close up of fan)
PLA ProMade Lashes — 2.0 (close up of fan with base revealed)
PLA ProMade Lashes — 2.0 (front of closed lash box)
PLA ProMade Lashes — 2.0 (video of picking up the promade fan and attaching to a natural lash)

ProMade 2.0: 8D ProMade Fans

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The ProMade fans of the future are here - ProMade 2.0 are ProMade fans that are specially created to wrap the natural lash with their worldwide patent-pending Wrapping Technology. This incredible new invention allows the lash fan base to wrap around the natural lash, mimicking the wrap that only handmade fans can achieve — until now!

These perfectly precise and moderately narrow fans with long stem bases create a beautifully dense lash line, and are ideal for improved retention, easier application, and ultimate wrap-ability.

ProMade 2.0 have a bonding site, acting as a supporting spot for the natural lash to lean against the fan, allowing easy wrapping without breaking the fan, solving the issue of handmade fans falling apart during application. 

Differences you’ll notice between our original ProMade fans and ProMade 2.0:

Our ProMade 2.0 fans have slightly wider bases for maximum attachment area and are bonded 1mm to 6mm above the base of the lashes, depending on the length. This allows each fiber to be enveloped in fresh adhesive. Our original ProMade fans have an ultra-slim, pinched and bonded base that can create an airier final look and perfect consistency.

This is THE lash that will change your artistry, and the industry, forever.  Enjoy dramatically improved retention with the innovation that keeps on giving. All of our PLA ProMade 2.0 Fans are 100% hand made from top-quality Korean PBT.

Fast Facts:

  • Patent Pending World Wide
  • Choose between:
    • Single Length Fans: 8-16mm
    • Mix 3-Pack with three lengths: 8-9-10; 10-11-12; 12-13-14; or 14-15-16
  • Curl: C, CC, D
  • 0.07 Diameter
  • 8 lashes per fan
  • 500 fans per box
  • All PLA Lashes are made from Korean PBT
  • 100% Vegan

How To Use ProMade 2.0:

  • Our fans are designed to be picked up from the base
  • Then lay the fan back down on the tile or strip
  • Position your tweezers to securely pick up the whole fan right above the bonding point
  • Dip fan into adhesive
  • Place on the bottom or to the side of the natural lash, slightly pushing the base of the ProMade into the natural lash until you see the base wrap around the natural lash

For a visual representation, please view the video at the end of the slideshow.

Disclaimer: All PLA ProMade Fans are 100% handmade from the same lashes in our volume lash trays. The ProMade 2.0 bonding site may vary depending on the length of the fan. The fans are designed to have a slightly wider base to increase the contact point. Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to purchases of ProMade 2.0.