Nail Primer from Paris Lash Academy (front view of the bottle)

PLA Nail Primer

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The PLA Nail Primer is a fantastic way to start your next professional manicure service! If you want your next set of gel or acrylic nails to be long-lasting and durable, a nail primer is a must.
Our acid primer contains 2-methylpropenoic acid to create a strong adhesive bond between the nail plate and nail enhancements. To use, apply the primer as your first step to prepare the nail surface before using other products. This is a great choice for clients with more problematic or oily nails that need stronger adhesion.
Less is more with this primer — avoid direct contact with the skin or other soft tissues.
Fast Facts:
  • 0.5 oz bottle
*Please note that acid primer will crystallize in cold temperatures and should come to room temperature before use (allow naturally, do not heat the bottle).*
For a non-acid option, check out our PLA Non-Acid No Burn Nail Primer!