F10 - Fiber Tip 90 Degree Boot Tweezer

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Our fiber tip F10 tweezer has fine mesh cross-hatching at the tips, along with a slightly wider sweet spot. The improved grip makes this a great choice for all lash artists, allowing you to work with less tension in your fingers and wear on the tweezers.

The F10 has a 90 degree tip and slightly longer feet, which are both great for picking up fans. The body is a bit larger, so when you apply pressure with your thumb, there is less fatigue ergonomically. The F10 is great for both fanning on the strip and pinching methods.

Fast Facts:

  • 90 degree tweezer
  • Available in diamond cut
  • Length: 12 cm
  • All tweezers include an engraved ruler

All PLA tweezers are hand tested by our team. If you don’t love your tweezers, you can exchange any pair, hassle-free, within 10 days of purchase. We will help you find the tweezer with the perfect sweet spot!