PLA Soothing Cleanser (Front view of the bottle)

Avant by PLApro

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Avant by PLApro is the essential first step in a professional waxing routine! For the ultimate cleansing experience, this soothing cleanser will prep the skin by gently removing any impurities that would otherwise reduce the wax efficiency.

This special solution does not need to be washed off after use. Just apply to the skin to reveal a cleansed, prepped surface ready to be waxed!

Avant is best paired with the rest of the PLApro Nue Wax Line, including Après, our soothing balm, and Doux, our cream exfoliant.

To use:
  • Apply cleanser to the area to be waxed
  • Wait to dry (Approximately 30 seconds - 1 minute)
  • Continue with wax of choice