The ALA Lash Artist Census: Sharing Experiences and Uniting Lash Artists

Pursuing a career as a lash artist can often make it difficult to find your community, leading many to feel somewhat isolated. It can be challenging to find other artists to connect with and over time, you might end up feeling like you’re the only one going through certain issues.

That’s why the American Lash Association, or ALA, has created their very own census. They understand the specific challenges lash artists encounter in their professional journeys, and have taken it upon themselves to create a community for lash artists everywhere.

This blog will explain a little about the ALA, what their census means for you, and how you can be a part of this revolutionary project!

The American Lash Association: A Lash Group That Unites

We’ve talked about the ALA before, both in another blog and on our social media, but if you haven’t heard of them yet, here’s a bit of info.

The American Lash Association is a community of lash professionals dedicated to providing a multitude of resources to lash artists everywhere. They “set the shiniest diamond standard for quality while providing limitless growth opportunities” by empowering, educating, and uniting lash artists.

ALA members receive a plethora of benefits from discounts on financial tools and insurance to mentorship and coaching from lash business leaders to a huge library of rewatchable educational videos (and so much more). 

Learn more about the ALA here!

The ALA Census

The ALA Census is a new project spearheaded by the ALA to capture the stories from lash artists everywhere, creating a resource that showcases the diversity of our industry. No two lash artists are the same or have had the same journeys — and now there’s a way to share the backgrounds, experiences, and challenges that make you unique.

While the numbers are always important, this census is more than that. The ALA Census will look at:

  • Lash artist demographics, including age, backgrounds, and locations
  • Professional and business profiles
  • Bigger picture industry trends and future evolution of the lash world
  • And more!

This is a way to learn about the lives, aspirations, and accomplishments of your fellow lash artists, all in one compiled location. The lash industry is unlike any other, and the ALA Census will help spread the knowledge and background of all the lash artists who participate. Ultimately, the ALA hopes the census will help lash artists better understand each other and the lash world, bringing them more support and guidance and helping to shape the entire industry! 

Read more about the ALA Census and their mission here!

Interested in participating in the census?

The ALA Census is open to any lash artist who wants to share their individual story with the world! Just head over to the ALA’s website or access the census directly here. Through just a few questions, you will be able to provide your unique input and help forge a new path to success for all lash artists.

We are so excited to be part of the ALA ( Michelle is on the Leadership Council!) and love the work they do for lash artists. The ALA Census is such an exciting opportunity and we hope that you consider participating!