ProMade 2.0: The Next Step In Lash Evolution

Change can be scary. But it’s also necessary! If everything stayed the same forever, we’d never grow and learn. Stagnation isn’t good for anyone — so we’re focusing on evolution.

Ready to change your lashing game forever? We are beyond thrilled to share with you what we believe to be the next step in lash evolution. Keep reading to learn all about the ProMade 2.0, how it will transform your craft in multiple ways, and when you can try it out for yourself.

The Groundbreaking ProMade 2.0 Is Here

ProMade Fans Will Never Be The Same

As the name suggests, the ProMade 2.0 is the next iteration of traditional ProMade lashes. With the ProMade 2.0 comes superior retention, easier wrapping, and countless other benefits due to our revolutionary, patent-pending Wrapping Technology. 

Our innovative Wrapping Technology allows the bases of the fans to completely wrap around the natural lash just like a handmade fan would. You read that right — no more struggling to make your own fans if you no longer can or want to. The ProMade 2.0 will bring you superb retention and adhesion that you could previously only get with handmade fans.

What’s Wrapping Technology?

The all-new design of the ProMade 2.0 is made possible by the placement of the adhesive. Unlike traditional ProMade lashes, these fans have no adhesive at the base; instead, these ProMades are bonded 1mm to 6mm above the base of the lashes, depending on the length. This allows the bases of the individual lashes in the fan to wrap around the natural lash even after you dip them in your own adhesive. It also increases the contact area for the adhesive bond. ProMade 2.0 have a bonding site, acting as a supporting spot for the natural lash to lean against the fan, allowing easy wrapping without breaking the fan, solving the issue of handmade fans falling apart during application. So that means your lashing will be quicker, easier on your hands, and time-saving.

ProMade Lash Fans 2.0 Creation: Made to Make a Difference

Here at PLA, we focus on developing products that truly make a difference in the lives of lash artists everywhere. With our blend of lash artists, creative minds, and hands-on experience, our team is uniquely qualified to understand the issues lash artists face and come up with solutions to help. While we still love our regular ProMades, we do recognize that they’re not for everyone. And it can be frustrating and time consuming to make fans by hand; some artists just physically can’t do it anymore. That’s where the ProMade 2.0 comes into play.

We absolutely love creating new products that allow everyone to lash at their very best. So if handmade fans just aren’t for you anymore but you still want superior retention, the ProMade 2.0 is here for you. With just a gentle push during application, the fan will wrap around the lash, securing it like nothing you’ve seen before.

If you’re satisfied with the results you get with regular ProMades, don’t worry! They’re not going anywhere (but you still might want to give the 2.0 a try, it’s really that good).

Efficient, Enjoyable, and Economic

The benefits of the ProMade 2.0 don’t stop at just better retention. Gone are the days of frustration with handmade fans or regular ProMades that just won’t stay on — it’s time to enjoy lashing again! Plus, you’ll be able to use less adhesive per fan (saving money) and price your sets higher (making more money). What’s not to love? 

ProMade Lashes 2.0: PLA’s New Look 

The wait is almost over — you can get your hands on the ProMade 2.0 here. We truly believe the ProMade 2.0 is the future of lashing and can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. 

Let’s embrace change together. Happy lashing, everyone!